Sunday, February 7, 2010

Project 365 - Week 5

This week hasn't been all that eventful, but I did learn something new.

1/31/10 The last day of January. One month gone and only eleven more left of the year. On this day I received a call to teach in Relief Society. That call has since been rescinded.

2/1/10 I couldn't get warm today. No way, no how.

2/2/10 Groundhog's Day. You have to watch Groundhog Day on Groundhog's Day!

2/3/10 I haven't been doing much exercise since, oh, around Halloween. I drudged on to the bicycle and rode for six miles.

2/4/10 I took a class for Photoshop Elements 8 on learning how to do layers and frames. It was a pretty fun class. My friend Molly McCarthy taught it. I really like her.

2/5/10 It's raining again. It rained all day! If it wasn't pouring, which it did most of the time, it was drizzling.

2/6/10 This is my Scraproom A.K.A Creation Room. I've been trying to make it more user friendly, less cluttered feeling, and enjoyable to be in. I'm just not feeling it. It still feels cluttered and it feels cold. I'm hoping I can have it figured out by the end of the year. Oh, yeah, it rained today too, but only off and on until late afternoon.

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