Sunday, February 14, 2010

Project 365 - Week 6

This week started with my having a fat lower lip. I don't know what it was but I would keep biting the inside of my lip, dead center, front, while I ate. I finally quit doing that by the first part of the week. I hate it when I do that.

We also had rain again this week for a couple days. You will be glad to know that I didn't take any pictures of it this time.

This was also my first week of not having to pick up my boss for work. It's just me, my thoughts or a phone conversation with my sister going to work now.

2/7/10 My Mann and I took a drive out to Santa Paula, Ojai, and Ventura. Santa Paula and Ojai are a couple quaint little towns. I loved The architecture of main street Santa Paula. I felt transported back in time.

2/8/10 My Mann and I spent a chunk of time working on our digital book about the Mexican Riviera cruise we took. We need to get that done this month.

2/9/10 It's been a while since it has been just the four of us around the dining room table since we now all have conflicting schedules. My Mann and I were there first to eat, then Sweet Pea came and lastly My boy brought something to eat and sat down. Shortly after he sat down I thought, "Hey, this is like old times." Just as I completed that thought My Boy comments aloud, "Hey, we're all here at the table. It's been a long time since we've done that." I had to take this picture to document what is getting more and more rare. I miss the four of us sitting around the table eating and talking.

2/10/10 I stopped at the library on the way home. I like libraries and all the interesting things you can find there and get lost in.

2/11/10 As I drove up into the driveway after work I noticed the daffodils blooming in the yard. Spring is here. I was trying to practice depth of field with my camera but the silly flowers wouldn't stay still. They were playing with the breeze that kept teasing me.

2/12/10 I didn't have to go to work today and it was very nice to be home. I looked around the yard to see what was happening and found that the orange tree sprang up a few feet in height since I saw it last and it even had an orange on it. My Boy's been waiting forever for an orange. I had to bring him out and show him.

2/13/10 Towards the end of the phone conversation with my sister I mentioned that I was wearing my turtle neck shirt. We had bought the same shirts while we were in the New Mexico Wal-Mart last month. She bought a black and turquoise and I bought a white and turquoise. She asks if I was wearing the turquoise one and I answered, "Yes." "No way," she says, "I just put that one on too, not two seconds ago!" Separated by over 700 miles and we still have the same vibes.

Ciao, baci


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  1. It is funny how each of us chooses what we want to remember each day. Sadly too many of us choose not to remember anything. Remembering in pictures is a good way. It makes you see the details.