Sunday, February 21, 2010

Project 365 - Week 7

This seemed like a very loonng week for some reason. I was very glad when Friday finally rolled around.

2/14/10 Valentine's day. The family gathered around the dining room table for dinner and then the Olympics. Love is. . . family.

2/15/10 This was a perfect day. It was President's Day, the fourth day of my four day weekend due to holidays. I spent the day out in the sun window shopping and in the kitchen baking. Cooking and baking make me happy. Today I tried out a new sugar cookie recipe and this one got a hands down unanimous vote as being a keeper from my family. The recipe is even called The Best Sugar Cookies

2/16/10 Some how this day slipped by without being lived in. All I can remember is that I went to work and that isn't really a real memory. It's an assumption since the holiday weekend was over and I usually go to work on Tuesdays.

2/17/10 I got around to planting, in the herb garden, the basil plant I had purchased over the weekend.

2/18/10 What's in your refrigerator? It kind of bugs me that the kidlets go to various eateries and then they bring home the doggie bags to stuff into the fridge. There are also massive amounts of leftovers that are in containers twice as big as the contents. There is no order, rhyme or reason of how things get stuffed into the poor appliance and I think of Stacy Julian's refrigerator. She's taken pictures of it with everything in its place and name tags on the shelves. But then again I look in the fridge and I'm glad there is food in there.

2/18/110 This scale and I have gotten together every morning since the day I got it. Lately it and my clothes have been telling me that I have a few pounds that need to take a hike. It's been very frustrating. They have been hanging around since my mom's birthday. That would be about a month ago.

2/20/10 This is the back seat of my car tonight. There are the discards of clothing I wore earlier in the day when I changed to go to my Library of Memories group meeting. During and after the meeting I was so exhilarated with all the ideas and information shared in the group. I also saw Molly's scrap room and how she organizes her paper and embellishments. I stopped at Treasured Memories on the way home to pick up a few Scrap-Onizers to carry out that same idea myself in my creation room.

Ciao, baci


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  1. OK, so if you have a few pounds to lose, I shudder to think what still lies in front of me! LOL

    I am enjoying reading this! I had a blog that I kept for awhile, but then I stopped. Maybe I should start it up again. I might if the urge hits me. But if you want to read my ramblings, it is Love you! Pam