Friday, February 26, 2010

Say A Little Prayer

A friend of mine, whose first husband was a firefighter, taught me something I've since done for years, now. One day as we were driving down the street we heard the sound of emergency sirens. She asked if I minded if she said a little prayer for the one needing emergency help and those providing it. I was driving and I naturally didn't mind at all.

Ever since I've said my own little prayers whenever I hear or see emergency vehicles and accidents. Today I happened upon an accident and it was one of the very rare times that I arrive on the scene at the same time the parent of the one injured arrives. They either leave their vehicle and run toward the ambulance or as in this case, today, they have someone bring them and they exit the vehicle distraught trying to get to their child as quickly as possible. In today's case as the parent came rushing out of the passenger door a firefighter came toward this poor mother talking with his hands and mouth telling her that everything was OK in an effort to calm her. What she couldn't see at this time and what I myself saw just seconds later as I passed the fire engine, two police cars, and an ambulance was a horribly mangled car facing the wrong way as it came to a stop on the shoulder of the freeway .

My heart hurt for that mom as I said a little prayer for her, her child, and the emergency personnel involved with the care of her and her injured child.

It made me think of all the children young and older that are hurt and injured, not so much physically as emotionally and mentally through mistakes, health related issues, or because of choices they have made due to the incorrect voices they have heeded. Many times their needs aren't so evident and we may be unaware of their need for emergency personnel or a helping hand. They need little prayers, too, as do their parents. Remember all the children in your circle of influence and send up a prayer on their parents behalf as well as they are probably hurting just as much when they see their children having to go through these situations. I'm going now to say a little prayer for the dozen I know for certain that are suffering plus those I love that may have situations that haven't been manifested.

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