Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wednesday Window Shopping

I love to shop. I inherited that love from my mom. Go, Mom!

There are so many fun, interesting, beautiful, creative, fashionable things, and things I would just love to have out there. If I bought everything that caught my eye would be bankrupt and crowded out of house and home.

For instance I found some soaps made with olive oil, shea butter, snow from the Sierra Nevada Mountains and fragrance oils. The soap shown below is her Sunkissed Currant soap. It has a light scent of berries and a tartness of cognac (whatever that smells like. I imagine kind of citrus-y) Doesn't it look like the sun is right on the soap? How cool is that?

I stumbled on to her blog where she showed what she does and first saw her soaps there. She has several others that from their descriptions sound like they would be wonderful to smell as you lather up. The heart shaped ones she shows on her blog are amazing.

My Mann and I took a little drive. We ended up in a little community founded a long time ago by farmers and oil people. In one of the old little shops we found an antique store. I haven't been in one of those in over ten years because I'd keep coming out with old stuff. Anyway while walking through this particular antique shop I found two things I really liked and was sorely tempted to purchase. I love this cabinet topper. It would fit so well in my scraproom. Look at all those doors and they even have the drawer label holders on them!

The other thing I found was this sweater...of course in my size! I was so close to buying it with all those fun rhinestones and black detail decorations. Then I decided to look more closely. The label said dry clean only. Hmmm. Got enough of those. Then on the cuff of one of the sleeves there was a tiny moth hole. Oh, well. I wonder if the person who owned it originally used her sweater a lot. I think it would have looked good on.

This next featured item has had me intrigued for over a year now. I love going to the Gurgle Pot website just to hear it gurgle. How fun would that be to have this pitcher on your dinner table? I would love to have one in every color.

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