Sunday, March 21, 2010

Project 365 - Week 11

This has been a week of change. First, we had to change our clocks in this area of the country so my body time clock has had to go through a change. It has taken the whole week to come around and that hasn't been totally complete.

Some other changes have come to the front yard, a new recipe, and at work there has been a metamorphosis in one of the rooms. All in all this has been a productive week.

3/14/10 Sunday: Missed changing the clocks the night before so I slept in unknowingly but happily. It was a good day until I woke up. All I did was a soduko or two.

3/15/10 Monday: What do Dr. Pepper and Hershey's Special Dark Chocolate have in common? They make a very rich and moist chocolate cake that isn't overly sweet but satisfying to the chocolate lover. Saw this recipe over the weekend but illness kept me looking for the Special Dark Chocolate at the store on Saturday. All I could think about today was buying the chocolate cocoa and making it. So I did. Yum. I'll share the recipe on this blog later this week if you're interested.

3/16/10 Tuesday: Still trying to adapt to the time change I wasn't fully alive and living in the moments of the day. I was mostly battling the desire to close my eyes and fall into blissful sleep. So by the time I could get ready to bed I realized I hadn't taken a picture of anything. Hence, the picture of my most favorite beauty secret. I read about this in some magazine from a celebrity that was older than myself. There aren't many famous celebrities much older than me so when I saw this I thought there must be some truth to it. I've been using it for awhile now and love it. The secret? If you haven't already guessed is to use olive oil as make-up remover. I use it to remove my eye and face make-up. Then I wash the oil along with the base coat, concealer, corrector, three different shades of eyeshadow, cream blush, powder blush, and three coats of mascara off with Purpose Gentle Cleansing Wash by Johnson & Johnson. I think I gain a couple pounds from all the make-up I put on trying to make my face some what less scary. With the cost of all the make-up you can appreciate the fact that I love that both of these items are economical and they do the job perfectly for me.

3/17/10 Wednesday: There hasn't been any work for My Mann, well let me rephrase that. There is always work but there hasn't been any paying work. So my ever antsy Mann got to work on another of the never ending projects around the house. We've had leftover paving stones from when we had the driveway and patio done and have since used the leftovers here and there. Remember our lovely parkway that I talked about in a previous blog entry where the gopher hole had been flooded? Well now look at the transformation! Isn't this beautiful? And My Mann did it all by himself. He'd probably tell you I helped but I don't call handing him the few paving stones after I drove up from work while he was initially laying it out help. I just love the way it looks. So finished.

3/18/10 Thursday: I pulled out a quilt I had started sixteen years ago then put away about ten years ago to rarely see the light of day again. I pulled it out, dusted it off, and opened it up to look at again a some months ago. I was surprised to see how close to being finished I was in quilting it. Why is it that things like this that bring so much joy, pleasure, and fulfillment get pushed back into the recesses of our lives, minds, and homes; forgotten and sometimes never to be seen or participated in again? I have now the desire to get this quilt finished and hung either in my home or office at work before my birthday.

3/19/10 Friday: The boss gave a direct order to clean out the room that had once been the science/art room which had inadvertently become a "storage room". It could not be used as a "classroom" any longer and we are desperately in need of another classroom. These young men, co-worker and I worked most of the day at cleaning out this room of stuffsa, trash, and clutter that had accumulated in this room over the last three years. It was hard work as well as very humorous. One of the boys was terrified of spiders, which there was no shortage. And another young man offered to clean out a large tray of science items. He was quite content to do that until he came across a bag that had "dead things" in it. As he inspected it more he found that it contained a real baby pig, and some large bugs. He left after that as seeing that did him in. Good thing we were just about done with our assignment.

3/20/10 Saturday: I joined my Library of Memories (LOM) sisters for our meeting under our fearless coach's direction. The topic today was picture triage. To help us get over the hurdles of pulling pictures from the storage albums into our category drawers our coach created a fun Bunco type game for us. We did four rounds each coordinating with our four categories - Us, People, Things, and Places. It was a lot of fun to see how to implement this principle into triaging my pictures.

Ciao, baci


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  1. Nice journaling Linda.
    I love reading your blog.
    See you at the next LOM gathering!