Sunday, March 28, 2010

Project 365 - Week 12

Can you believe we have come to the last full week of the first quarter of the year? I don't believe it and Spring is now here. Yipee! That's the best part of the first quarter going by so quickly. Now, if only it would slow down for the next two quarters so we can enjoy the Spring and Summer.

3/21/10 Sunday: Doesn't Zeba look happy as a lark? Somebody was kind enough to put her up on the cabinet so she could see out the dining room window. Her hind legs bother her now so she doesn't do any jumping. If she can't drag her back end up using her front legs she doesn't go there. I can't remember the last time I saw her up here. Doesn't she look content?

3/22/10 Monday: I try to figure out what I am going to wear the next day the night before so I can stay in bed till the last possible minute. I am NOT a morning person so by having that decision made, which can take me a while to do, the night before helps a lot! 5:30AM comes WAY too early in my humble opinion.

3/23/10 Tuesday: I watched, or more like listened to, the TV while updating my post about the Best Ever Sugar Cookies to my blog on this day. I had been pretty tired the first part of the week and didn't have much energy to do much. Now at the tail end of the week I realized I have been fighting with a sinus thing. My body just didn't know how to tell me there was a physical battle going on. All it could tell me was that, "Hey! You're tired! Get your sorry butt to bed and quit messin' around with blogs and things!" But I didn't listen too well. I'm kind of stubborn that way. Well, there are others who would say that isn't the only way I'm stubborn. I wonder if it has anything to do with being born under the sign of the bull? I like bulls, they have nice eyes.

3/24/10 Wednesday: I was dragging today but had to do some shopping at Costco and pick up some cat supplies at Wal-Mart, otherwise there would be some very unhappy occupants at my street address. I had already put it off to the last possible moment. Hmmm. Seems like I have been doing that a lot this week. Anyway, while I was going through the garden department, that's how I go into Wal-Mart instead of the main entrance; I like seeing all the plants. As we, My Mann came with me for moral support; he's good like that. As we walked through the garden department I noticed some red geraniums. I had just been telling My Mann that I would like to plant some on our hill. But the ones I wanted had to be the red, red ones not the burgundy or sort of red ones. I saw the right ones sitting there waiting to be purchased, so we bought them. I hope we don't kill them off before we're able to get them planted. That happens more times than I'd like to admit at our occupancy.

3/25/10 Thursday: As I was pulling into the garage after work I noticed that my wisteria was beginning to bloom so I said to myself, "Self, you have to get a picture of that as your picture of the day. Spring is Springing." So I went straight in to get my big camera to play around with taking pictures of the wisteria blooms, blossoms, sprays, whatever they're called. Then I started looking around at some other things in the yard, weeds, weeds, some more freesia blossoms that I could stick my nose into and inhale deeply. I would like a bed of freesias, except when I have a migraine, I think then I wouldn't like them. Smells of any kind make migraines worse for me. Then I found some of nature's lace. I love nature's lace. It's really leaves that have decomposed or are in the midst of decomposing and the veins of the leaf and stem are the only things left of the original leaf. It reminds me of lace so I call it Nature's lace.

3/26/10 Friday: Today is the day I realized that I had a sinus/migraine thing going on. My eyeball and whole right side of my head ached along with the back of my neck on the right side. Sudafed PE and Ibuprofen were my friends and they I'm sure were trying hard but they just barely kept things at bay so I could get some real things done. One of those things was making shoe bags. You know a fabric bag to put your shoes in so they don't get your clothes dusty in your suitcase. After I cut off the ends My Sweet Pea said, "I want those." Then promptly took them and stuck them on her ears. We were watching the TV at the time then after a bit she decides that she is going off to bed and that her dad could now have her "ear muffs". So like a good, obedient father took them and put them on. Later, I cleaned things up and My Mann and I closed up shop so we could catch some zzzz. Upstairs I notice he has the ear muffs on still so I ask what any respectable person would ask:

ME: "Why do you still have those things on?"

MY MANN "What things?"

ME: "Those things on your ears."

MY MANN: "Oh, I forgot I even had them."

I guess they were so lightweight and comfortable in keeping his ears toasty warm that he didn't realize they were still there. I wonder if they would be a good business venture.

3/27/10 Saturday: Still fighting with that sinus/migraine thing just keeping it at bay. Thankfully the pressure didn't bother me much, just the sharp stabbing pains that came occasionally at the back of the neck. Spring is coming up everywhere and it looks so purdy. It's on the freeways, on the hills, and even at the airport. You can see the orange flowers in between the runways even. Caio, L.A.


Wishing you all a good week.

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