Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Project 365 - Week 13 (a little late and a dollar short)

This has been a full and much needed break in the every day life. How do people get through life without a sister?

3/28/10 Sunday: Went to the Bernalillo Ward for church. It was wonderful. Their meetings start at 1PM. Then to have family and friend share dinner, stories, and laughter with you was refreshing.

3/29/10 Monday: What a treat to swim in an indoor heated pool (and I was able to enjoy this luxury a few more times during the week). I was privileged to house sit this house for three weeks several years ago. The owners keep this pool heated to the point that you can just walk right into the pool and not have to worry about getting use the the coolness/coldness of the water.

3/30/10 Tuesday: Mom invited us over for breakfast. We had potatoes and chorizo with eggs and bacon. The day before I left she made me a huge pot of tapioca. Yum! That is the one of the ways Mom shows her love. She cooks for you and tries to fatten you up with love.

3/31/10 Wednesday: My sister and I, well need I say more? When we get a new hair in our bonnet there is no getting it out until it has been thoroughly examined. One of those new hairs came from a blog post from Stacy Julian shared about some fun watches that she found from Scarlet Time. So My sister and I had to figure out a way to do one ourselves so that our thin small wrists wouldn't be overpowered by the larger beads. I still think those watches are fun and wish I could wear something like that. We returned to the bead shop every day to get something else we needed (or didn't need, but liked) in order to finish the project (and start others). We got our watches done and they worked out pretty good for first time jewelers.

4/1/10 Thursday: April Fool's Day. Being with adults we didn't do much April fooling but Mother Nature threw us a cruel joke. It had been beautiful the day before with no sign of ill weather. But shortly after breakfast it got windy, dark and enchantment was blowing all around making visibility limited. Enchantment is what I call that fine red dirt that makes up the Albuquerque landscape. That stuff is awful. It gets into everything! The picture is of me trying to get Jedi's Hot Wheel car out from under the stove. Jedi is a crazy dog. He likes to play with Hot Wheel cars and when zoomed it one time it went straight under the stove. Jedi had to get in there and help find it or see what I was doing. He isn't a lot of help really, he's more a hindrance than help, but he sure makes life interesting and the normal hysterical.

4/2/10 Friday: I flew home this evening, but before My sister and I were out on another Bead store excursion. To do so we had to go out in the cold and wind and we even hit some little sprinklings of snow.

4/3/10 Saturday: Today we missed our traditional Easter picnic with my close to hundred aunts, uncles, cousins, 1st, 2nd cousins and cousins once removed. Since I had been gone I wasn't able to get things ready for Easter Sunday so unfortunately the four hour round trip for the two hour picnic was deferred for those preparations.

Here's wishing you a good week.

Ciao y bacci,

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