Saturday, April 17, 2010

Project 365 - Week 15

This has been a week that of wildlife and growth.

4/11/10 Sunday: I was watching this cute squirrel in the church parking lot while I was waiting for David to get out of his meeting and thinking how there could be some lessons we could learn from it. Like keeping a year supply. This squirrel would reach under the shrubs, pull out some food and munch away. Like being ever aware of the world around them so they know when danger is near. This squirrel took off across the lot and up a tree long before I was aware of some people walking their dogs on the sidewalk. And like watching and looking from above so he had a clearer vision of the world around him. Likewise we should try to keep the big picture in mind.

Then when we got home as I was in the kitchen some movement caught my eye at the bird feeder. As I focused in on what it was I saw a bushy brown tail hanging out of the feeder. This time I wasn't thinking of lessons we could learn from them. I was instead thinking of how I wanted to kill that pesky, no-good, rotten squirrel! I hate it when they steel the seed meant for the birds.

4/12/10 Monday: Mondays are difficult days to navigate after the weekends, but when you get up and see skies like this first thing in the morning it takes your breath away. I always have to stop and drink it in even if it's just for a moment and thank the Lord for the chance to see it.

4/13/10 Tuesday: My baby achieved adulthood today. His birthday was taken in true adulthood fashion. He was up for his morning classes then to work he went. His dad and I managed to surprise him with some balloons and a quick birthday greeting.

4/14/10 Wednesday: These are the stairs of the lobby at work. This week I've been starting my day by taking a few minutes to run up and down them five times. Kind of reminiscent of days running up and down the stairs on the cruise ships. Just getting the heart going and having all the light from the windows does a body and mind good in getting the day started.

4/15/10 Thursday: Again I was in the kitchen. I love the window in my kitchen. I love my backyard. There are always things of interest going on out there. I just wish I had the time to just watch out that window instead of having to prepare food, clean up food preparations, or feed people. Why is eating of such vital importance? It really takes up a lot of time. Anyway, again while in the kitchen something caught my eye. Zeba's 2nd cousin twice removed came to visit. There was a bobcat in the back yard! It moseyed in on the flatland looking around scarring the birds then it jumped up the hill making it way around our wilderness until I scared it when I bumped the telephoto lens on the sliding glass door. I hate when I do things like that!

4/16/10 Friday: I took the day off today. The first in a while and it WAS nice! I slept in, I did some web surfing, and scrapbooking.

4/18/10 Saturday: All the rain we've been having has done wonders for the weeds on the flat land of our yard. It was such a beautiful morning and it felt good to be outside, working, outdoors in the sunshine. But, once I realized I was getting sweaty it wasn't all that much fun. But I stayed and cleared my area of weeds before I went in to get cool and freshened up again.

Wishing y'all a good week.

Ciao y bacci, amico, mio

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