Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Stuck Like Glue.

One particular morning last week, I was feeling pretty awake. Can't remember the last time I was awake in the morning. That is a seldom occurrence for me at o'dark :30 in the morning. But on this particular day I was awake and after family prayer I kept nuzzling My Sweet Pea and not letting her go. But I eventually had to, so I did, much to her relief because she really wanted to get back between the covers in her nice warm bed to visit with the Sandman some more.

About 5 hours later I get a text message.

It's My Sweet Pea: "I can still smell ur perfume. U got it all over my hair. Silly mommy :)"

Me: You just can't push me off that easily, can you? I'm stuck on you like perfume. Hee hee.

My Sweet Pea: Haha. Perfume sticks almost better than glue. :p

Me: Smells a lot better.

My Sweet Pea: For Sure.

I wish all of you have a good day. You all deserve it.

Ciao y baci mi amicos.

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