Monday, May 31, 2010

Is It Worth It?

Is it worth it? This question came up after our delicious bar-b-que dinner this Memorial Day. It was quiet for a quite a while as thoughts went through the minds of us sitting there in our safety and comfort. How does one answer that? I don't like it but my life is pleasant because of it. It sounds hypocritical. I admire those who serve this country, even more so now because their enlistment is of their own free will. But I am sorrowful for those who have lost their lives. Why do we have to send troops off to war? War isn't something we wish for or hope will happen.

I think the price of war is high. I think the price of war is uncaring about who lives and who dies, who is harmed and who is maimed. I think the price of war affects all; young and old, bond and free, man, woman and child, rich and poor, all ethnicities and races, no one escapes the price of war in one form or another.

If there was another way I would be open to that suggestion, but after all these years and all these wars there hasn't been shown an alternative that would deter war. Talk is cheap. Talk is fleeting. Talk appeases for short periods of time. Talk does not permanent solutions make.

What would happen if there wasn't anything done when any one person or entity tried to enforce their power over another. What would happen if no one tried to stop Great Britain, Hitler, Japan, South Korea, the Taliban? What would the world be like?

As much as we abhor war, as much as we would not like to pay the price of war, as much as we would not like to lose family to war, it seems it is here to stay. It seems to be the necessary evil needed in order to keep the world as a place for the majority to keep their inalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness instead of depravity, bondage, and oppression. I think the majority is the key in thinking about war. Will the majority be better off if war is waged against the oppressor. Is the minority oppressor denying the majority of those moral rights?

I want to express my gratitude for the numerous men and women over the centuries who have fought to give and keep those inalienable rights. Because of them I have the right to live a life of moral freedom and pursue happiness for myself and others in my circle of life. Because of war I am able to enjoy a delicious bar-b-que dinner in the safety and comfort.

Thank you.

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