Sunday, May 9, 2010

What My Children Have Taught Me

I've been a mother of two wonderful, funny, loving children for 23 years now. I saw this idea on Stacy Julian's blog a while ago and thought about doing the same thing in honor of Mother's Day.

Portrait courtesy of Peter Luers

Things My Children Have Taught Me

1. A toddler's cute little chubby legs are really camoflauged super sonic legs that can move near to the speed of light.

2. That there are as many pairs of eyes as there are kidlets watching your every move. They watch what you do, how you do it, how you eat, how you drive, how you stick your pinky finger out whenever you hold a glass, things you don't even know you're doing then they incorporate some of those things into their own behavior, ignore others, or they think they're funny and make jokes about them.

3. They taught me to appreciate the amazingness of ants and bugs before I step on them.

4. That Moms, no matter what they think, have absolutely NO control over their children.

5. They have taught me, after lovingly making fun of me, how to text and that text messages get quicker responses than answering the phone or responding to a voice mail.

6. That you can give a boy a shovel and water in the backyard and he'll be happy for days.

7. That some of the simplest traditions carry the biggest comfort and satisfaction for a child.

8. That kidlets can jump to conclusions of guilt from hearing you sigh or seeing a supposed look in your eye even if your sigh and look were from disgust in having to figure out what to fix for dinner. So beware.

9. That children love to be read to no matter how old they get.

10. How to use Facebook.

11. That no two children are alike in any way.

12. That happy teens are fed teens.

13. That you can count on your kidlets to be at their worst behavior when you were hoping they'd be at their best.

14. That bubbles are fascinating to children of any age.

15. That it's more costly to break certain windows of a car than others.

16. That being a Mom is a lot of work and it isn't a job for the faint of heart. I'll tell you though, after this gig, I'm done!

17. That trampolines can be great fun.

18. That of what I say only 1/4 - 1/2 is considered important enough to be heard or acted upon.

19. It's important to make time to play or be creative.

20. That as an individual you don't really know what it feels like to feel pain or sorrow until you feel it as a Mom for your children.

21. That eating a little dirt or crayon ever hurt anyone.

To those who are mothers may your day be relaxing and enjoyable.

Ciao y baci mi amicos.



  1. Linda,
    This is wonderful. Thank you for sharing it and letting me see how I should be looking at things. You are a fabulous mom with two SUPER GREAT kidlets. =) Tarja.

  2. Linda,
    You are waxing in wisdom. Your MANN