Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Project 365 - Week 21

Sorry this is so late in being posted with the holiday weekend and all.

5/23/10 Sunday: After church the weather turned cool and the sky filled with big dark clouds.

5/24/10 Monday: This evening I finally made it out to plant the seedlings before they died. We didn't have much success in the seeds that actually took but it's a start. When the kidlets were little I'd plant gardens and they were pretty good and we were able to get a good harvest from it. Since I've started work time has been pretty scares after work for watering and tending the garden. So out I treaded to our patch and loo and behold I saw this phenomenon. I wonder what happened to this snake. I wonder if it ate a rodent while inside the enclosed patch then after a bit decided to leave but couldn't get through with its enlarged stomach and ended up dying there. Oh, I finally planted our whole eight seedlings; two turnips, two beans, three different squash, and a bell pepper.

5/25/10 Tuesday: Today I had a young student come into my office with her mother and as she was leaving she noticed the pictures of my sister and me. She says to her mom, "Hey, there are two Lindas." That has been the most original and cutest thing I've ever heard. She brightened my afternoon.

5/26/10 Wednesday: Went to dinner with my LOM sisters. It was nice to spend the evening with them.

5/27/10 Thursday: Can you believe it's raining!?! It was pretty interesting when I got to work this morning. I'm the first person there at 7AM. When I walked up to the door I noticed there were lights on and the door wasn't locked. Instead of going in I waited outside and called my boss to see if there was a reason for it not to be locked or if the alarm company had called. What a way to start the day.

5/28/10 Friday: This is the 30 millionth picture I took in order to get a self portrait with the poster, just right, of the movie My Sweet Pea and I went to see today, The Prince of Persia. I really enjoyed it. This was a first for me because I've never seen a movie on its opening day.

5/29/10 Saturday: Today was such a beautiful day with a nice wind blowing. I like the wind. Several of the neighbors, including My Mann, were out doing yard work. There was even someone waaay up in a tree cutting it down. It was fun to watch especially since it was pretty windy up there.

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  1. nice pictures, Linda! How did you like the movie? I am curious to see it. Dinner was a lot of fun, we definitely need to go again soon. Maybe once a quarter or something. Have a lovely day!