Sunday, June 6, 2010

Project 365 - Week 22

This has been a pretty long week for being a four day work week. It seem like forever ago that I went to see Prince of Persia with My Sweet Pea. I don't think I said if I liked it or not. I did. Lots of action and there were some life lessons of honesty and love of family in the plot. Saw Robin Hood this week with My Mann. Enjoyed that as well. Can't stop thinking about a phrase that comes up over and over again in the movie: "Rise and rise again until lambs become lions." Lots of depth in that.

5/31/10 Sunday: Veni, vidi, vici! I had been creating a pattern for this baby carrier tent for some time now after I had seen something like this at church. But I have a HUGE problem. I cannot leave things the way they are. I always, always, always have to make things more complex than they were originally. The one I saw did not have the front opening. I thought if the baby gets hot due to hot weather how does it get air? If you want to peek at the baby you would have to lift the whole thing up to see it. I got some other ideas from the web. I had been thinking about it for over a month and finally last week I got down to business. Well, truth be told it was my niece's nearing due date that made me buckle down. This is the finished product that my niece will be getting. Hey, niecey-poo if your looking you won't be surprised at your baby shower next week. The most troublesome part was getting that flap figured out and once I did I lost interest in finishing the project. I've discovered, well I already knew this I just had to be reminded again, it is the challenge that spurs me on. After the challenge is over I lose interest. It was those little finishing touches that were so hard to make myself sit and do. But I had to so I could give it to my brother and sister-in-law to take back with them the next day.

6/1/10 Monday: Memorial Day. Thank you to all who have helped to make life a better life for all. This morning we went to see my brother, sister-in-law and two of their kidlets. We like seeing them. They are a lot of fun.

6/2/10 Tuesday: Today was Taco Tuesday at our house. The kidlets made dinner. Afterward the whole family worked to clean up and set things right. It was nice. Team work. All working together for a common goal: Make Momma happy.

6/2/10 Wednesday: My Sweet Pea and I went out to the garden to put some netting over the small raspberry harvest in order to keep the birds out of it. While there I caught My Sweet Pea enjoying some of the harvest herself. I use to have a very full boysenberry harvest but the last few years it has been really sparse. Again because of the lack of time. When you're home all the time there some how seems to be enough time to do things around the house on top of all the other things going on in life. As soon as you start working outside of the house full time there isn't any time to do anything outside of the office. How does that work? Maybe it has something to do with multitasking. If you're at the office it is kind of hard to throw a load of laundry in the washer and dryer. If you're at the office you can't talk on the phone and clean the kitchen sink, toilet or fold a load of laundry. When you get home from the office who wants to make another phone call or answer one for that matter when you've been on the phone all day at the work? Who wants to do more work after already putting in an eight hour day of work and a one hour commute? I know who doesn't. Me.

6/3/10 Thursday: "I have trouble keeping on my shoes." I didn't realize why he was standing there staring at the floor. That's what I said to the math teacher when he walked into my office and stood there looking at my shoes laying there. Oh, I like shoes, don't get me wrong. I love heels, too. The problem is that I love bare feet the most. I have what others may think of as a terrible habit of kicking my shoes off as soon as walking in the door of my home. My office is my home in a sense so I do the same there as well and have been caught on numerous occasions walking around the building barefooted as well. Usually when I do kick off my shoes I do it under my desk. I don't know what happened on this day that I didn't control myself enough or have the presence of mind to know what I was doing.

6/4/10 Friday: I took My Mann to get his hair cut. I use to do it and My Boy's hair all the time but with in the last year or so with my schedule change and other things I quit doing it and instead taking them to Supercuts. I took a picture of My Mann sporting his cleaned up do fully intending to use that as my picture of the day. Instead as we walked out towards the car this truck rolled into the parking lot and with it came a flood of memories. The truck is a lot newer, only one color, but the name of the company is still the same. Circulating Air is the company my dad worked for. He would drive this, well not exactly this one, but this work truck home. I loved seeing this truck in the driveway with work ladders on top and A/C parts jutting above the sides of the truck bed. It brought comfort. Dad was home. This truck brings memories of my dad's calloused hands, sometimes with bandaged cuts from working with the sheet metal. I miss him.

6/5/10 Saturday: I love eating when what I am eating hits the right spot. That doesn't happen much for me, but today it was all in the zone. It was perfect! It was refreshing. It was crisp. It was slightly sweet. The chicken was tastily grilled. It was slightly pungent from the Feta cheese. It was all perfect! It was exactly what I wanted. I wish that happened more often. I don't really care to eat just for the sake of having to eat.

Ciao y baci mi amicos


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