Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy B-day USA!

I am so glad I live here in the United States of America. I'm going to make a comment for each of the thirteen stripes and fifty stars.

First for the Thirteen stripes
  1. Freedom to enter a beautiful church and worship as I please.
  2. Freedom to travel over border from the west coast to the east freely. The only way you know you have crossed a border may be a sign declaring the name of the state you have just entered.
  3. Freedom to say what I wish about the President of the United States without fear of repercussion.
  4. The unalienable right of the pursuit of happiness.
  5. Freedom to live anywhere in the country.
  6. Men and Women of the US Services and their willingness to fight for freedom.
  7. The charitable nature of most citizens to help and serve each other.
  8. The foundation on which our government was founded.
  9. Freedom to bear firearms.
  10. The freedom to cast my vote for the person I hope would best represent the people.
  11. Freedom to print and read whatever I choose without fear of censure.
  12. Doing my part in serving on jury duty. I don't look forward to it, but without courts our citizens would not be served well.
  13. Having a voice in governmental affairs even though I am a woman.

Now for the fifty stars
  1. Free enterprise.
  2. The ease of acquiring a camera and using it.
  3. The ease of acquiring a computer and using it.
  4. Popcorn with lots of salt and butter.
  5. Dr. Pepper can you imagine if there wasn't any DP around? ever? I've been deprived of it when I've had a craving for it and that is really hard. Coke or Pepsi just don't cut it.
  6. The fact that just about anybody can go to a sporting event. And with that cause huge traffic jams as anybody and everybody jockey to get into the stadiums and to there seats.
  7. Movies.
  8. Being able to go to the doctor easily enough.
  9. Libraries. One needs access to books.
  10. Magazines are also nice to have readily available for any interest you may have.
  11. Bar-B-Ques.
  12. Sound of children laughing and playing in neighborhoods.
  13. TV.
  14. Apple pie a la mode.
  15. The colors of the American flag.
  16. Watermelon.
  17. The chance to own your own home.
  18. Scrapbooking: The art of combining photos with writing
  19. Hearing train whistles.
  20. With owning said home the ability to remodel, add-on, landscape, or beautify the home to our own choosing.
  21. Community colleges.
  22. Broadway shows.
  23. Elvis Presley.
  24. Motown music.
  25. Music.
  26. Technology.
  27. Small town country gardens.
  28. A plethora of churches.
  29. Grocery stores with plentifully filled shelves.
  30. Seeing acres and acres of agricultural land planted with anything from artichokes, corn, flowers, grapes, strawberries, wheat, and everything else in between.
  31. Hershey, PA.
  32. The mailman and UPS guy.
  33. Disneyland.
  34. Walking through cemeteries.
  35. Antique cars.
  36. Country Music
  37. Young men and women in uniform..
  38. The Lincoln Memorial
  39. The Washington Monument.
  40. The Vietnam Memorial.
  41. The world War II and Korean War Memorials
  42. Valley Forge
  43. Orville and Wilbur Wright who made flying possible. I love to fly.
  44. See's candy.
  45. The Getty Villa.
  46. Hamburgers and hot dogs.
  47. The Idaho potato.
  48. Washington apples.
  49. Marching bands with drums and big trombones.
  50. Fireworks.
And lastly I want to leave you with this video.

Hope you all take a moment to think about what you enjoy as a member of these United States and leave a comment sharing what you love about living in the U. S. of America.

Ciao y baci mis amicos,


  1. Good post..really enjoyed it. Happy Independence day.

  2. We are so lucky to live in this fine country!

  3. We all take too much for granted. We forget that freedom is never free. I am thankful for those who have known this and were willing to put themselves in harms way for future generations. Lets not have their sacrifice go to waist because we will not stand up to the political wannabe dictators in our own country. (What I have just written will not be censored.)