Friday, July 23, 2010

Project 365 - Week 28

What a full week I have had! The last half of the week I did so much playing, visiting, learning, laughing and crying and very little mundane work. It has been very refreshing.

7/11/10 Sunday: I saw the recipe for the chocolate cake in the Martha Stewart Living Magazine's April '10 edition and have been wanting to make it. I actually made the
cake and froze it a week ago and the icing as well and refrigerated it in a plastic container. I didn't put the cake together when I initially made it because I had done so much baking that I didn't want to overload on sweets. So today I defrosted the cake, iced and ate it. It was worth the wait. It didn't have that overly sweet flavor because the cake and the icing were made with buttermilk and cream cheese. I thought it had a perfectly moist and delicious flavor. My kidlets who are use to the cake mix and icing out of the store bought plastic container didn't like it because it "had a funny taste".

7/12/10 Monday: Today I was trying to pack. Normally it wouldn't have been so bad except that I was using a different airline than my usual. I'm not use to paying for my baggage to fly since my usual airline "bags fly free" so I wasn't going to pay extra in order to get my baggage on the airline. Call me cheap, stupid, whatever, but I just wasn't going to do it. See all that stuff on the floor outside of the carry-on suitcase? See that little space to the left of the vacuumed packed clothing? See all that stuff on the floor? We had a miracle happen I got it all in one carry-on and one personal item.

7/13/10 Tuesday: I just love taking pictures from the air. Off to new horizons. I wish I could fly. I think I'll put "Take flying lessons" on my bucket list then I just need to somehow pay for them.

7/14/10 Wednesday: My sister and I had a card making party for most of the day and well into the night, ur I mean early morning. We punched, we stamped, we folded, we glued, we talked, we laughed, and made up quite a stack of cards.

7/14/10 Thursday: Today we took a break from doing cards and started on scrapbooking. I had notes from an online class that I never did. Work just really isn't conducive to doing a lot of fun stuff. So I brought my notes, pictures, some paper and embellishments and we started doing the class together.

7/15/10 Friday: We took a little break and we went to my mom's house for dinner. She fixed a delicious chicken and rice casserole with fresh green beans. Yummo!

7/16/10 Saturday: This morning started out early and we started the day out doing something that in my wildest dreams I never thought of. I helped paint a huge garage floor. My brother-in-law (I couldn't have chosen a better one) has two very large garages for his cars. This one is more the "showroom" as opposed to the other which is for the repairs, painting, and restorations of cars. We put an epoxy paint and then sprinkled fairy dust (color chips) on the floor. I was in charge, not the fairy dust, my sister had that job, I got to do the cutting in and spreading out the puddled paint caught in the relief seams of the cement floor. I was surprised at how quickly it took us to do. We began and 7:30ish and were done by 10AM. Later in the day I got to walk on the surface and even though the weather outside was very hot the cement floor felt cool and like glass as I walked barefooted across it. It was very satisfying to see the completed floor even though I did very little on the overall job.


  1. Sounds like a fun week! Oh it was!!!

  2. Sounds like you finally relaxed. You always act better after a visit with your sister.