Sunday, July 25, 2010

Project 365 - Week 29

I had a very long week. Longer than usual because I stayed awake longer during half of it to equal almost a day and a half per awake time. You know how they say everyone one has twenty-four hours a day and it's what we choose to do with them that makes the difference? Well, the first part of the week I used the time to my creative benefit but ones body just wasn't made to wake up at 7:30AM after going to bed at 4:00AM repetitively. At least my body isn't adept at having too many consecutive 20 hour days. By the end of the week I was dragging my sorry you know what around and having a hard time staying awake for more than 8 hours.

7/18/10 Sunday: I was able to complete my goal for a baker's dozen of scrapbook layouts. I am so jazzed and excited about having completed so many pages. There are a couple that I still need to journal but for they most part they are done!!! Yeah!! And I think they came out pretty good.

7/19/10 Monday: Some how I missed getting my picture for to
day. So it will have to be a thousand words instead. Not really, more like two thousand. The memory I have of this day is of Jedi and what stinking cute and crazy puppy he is. He thinks he is a scrapbooker and loves to pick up any paper that might fall into his territory. I've taken paper and torn it for certain affects on a layout but unfortunately Jedi is NOT judicious in the papers he thinks are for tearing up. He also feels that if you're scooping in the ribbon jar look for a particular size and color ribbon he ought to be able to get his nose in there and pick the ribbon out for you. And if by chance he should choose the ribbon you were looking for you have to now pry it from him because in his mind it makes for a great game of tug-a-war. He is a funny, funny dauwg. He is black as night and most of the time it's hard to tell where he is or what you're looking at. I love to smell his paws because they smell like Fritos corn chips. EDIT: Hey, Sis, if you're reading this could you send me the pictures of Jedi with me and the ribbon jar? Thanks.

7/20/10 Tuesday: While we out running errands I was always amazed by the beautiful skyscapes. My sister asked me how many cloud pictures I needed. We rarely get this kind of scenery in my part of the country. Today I caught one with the rays of the sun coming through. Unfortunately, I didn't capture them as well as I saw them in person.

7/21/10 Wednesday: On my way home again. Good-bye to a fabulous week. Hello to my home and family again. While in the air I was blessed to see this beautiful sight. It was fantastic and to think I almost missed it. If I had kept my nose in my magazine and not looked out the window I wouldn't have seen it. Even as it was as the plane flew changing position with the reflection of the sun the rainbow was lost from sight quickly enough. I'm grateful I had my camera unburied so I could get to it quickly. It was sad that not many people were able to enjoy it.

7/22/10 Thursday: My first day back home and as My Mann says, "Surveying my kingdom" from my balcony. Just below me I can see the herb garden. It has been totally over run by four volunteer butternut squash plants. The garden sage, pineapple sage, and basil have done well in keeping up with the butternut squash. When I went downstairs to get a closer look at the garden, by the way the only real green area of the back yard, I counted seven butternuts. Butternut squash, anyone?

7/23/10 Friday: Tonight I went with some friends to see Robin Hood, for my fourth time. I thought it was as good this time as the first time. I love the message of the movie, how time and time again they had to "rise and rise again until lamb become lions". I need to be reminded of that message over and over again. Afterward we went to get some yogurt and talk. I got blueberry yogurt in a dipped cone. It was yummo!

7/24/10 Saturday: Today was discouraging. I thought I'd get back to re-sewing a dress I started before I went to my sisters. I had previously had it all sewn trying it on as I went as I was concerned about the fit through the torso. They just don't make patterns for the none perfectly shaped hourglass physique. I am one of the fortunate (I use that term loosely) ones to have the pear shape. It's embarrassing to go shopping for bras when your bosom is a size between nothing and almost something there, then to find pants that don't have a gaping waistband just so your hips will fit. Sorry, I had to talk about bosoms and hips. Anyway, back to the dress, once I got the body of the dress to fit I finally put on the sleeves. After I did I tried it on for what I thought would be the last time so I could hem it. I found to my dismay that once the sleeves went in I was unable to move my arms forward without it pulling and feeling very tight. I am using one of those patterns that gave multiple pieces in order to fit multiple shapes of people. So I took out the pattern pieces, went back to the cutting board (good thing I had extra fabric) and re-drew a new pattern and re-cut the fabric before leaving for my sister's last week. Today I thought I'd give it a go with the dress again, but it didn't go so well. This time there was a problem with the fit in the bodice due to my scoliosis. Now I need to figure out how to make the corrections for that. So much for what I thought would be a quick and easy dress. I wish I could find dresses in the store that didn't cost an arm and a leg. In between discouragements I'd veg/vent and mull over possible solutions while catching up with blogs and mail on my computer.

May projects find closure next week.

Ciao y baci mis amicos

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  1. I really like the L M cloud formations! You were lucky to catch them.

    I like your shape as it is. Remember that.