Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Barbecue Anyone?

I am finally getting this recipe up for you who were interested in it.  Sorry it has taken so long and thank you, my lovelies, for your patience. I had to wait until I needed to make more barbecue sauce to replenish our supply in order to get some pictures.

These are the items you will need to make the recipe.  It is very easy to do.  It's basically an open, dump, stir kind of thing.  

First, get out your ketchup, mustard, oil, soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, brown sugar, and garlic.

 Can you tell that we shop at Costco?  Now, this next step will be the hardest part of the the whole recipe. 

Peel a couple or three cloves of garlic and then smash them on your cutting board.  Just set your knife's flat side of the blade on top of the garlic and hit that sucker with any aggression you want to release.   If you're a lucky one without any aggression just make up something and whack it.

Ignore all those veins popping out on my hand.  I was all pumped up from exercising.  NOT!  It from getting out all my aggressions that my blood pressure was a little intense and showed through my veins.  Ignore the hand and just smash that clove of garlic.  Don't be minimal, go for the gusto and smash 2 or 3 cloves for the sauce. 

Slide the knife off the clove and then continue with the other cloves until you've done them all.  After they're smashed I mince the garlic up into teeny, tiny, luscious bits. Now for the easy, peasy part.     

Measure out the remaining ingredients and put them all into a bowl.  Choose a size to accommodate the amount of barbecue sauce you are making as this recipe is very easy to double, triple or even quadruple.  I bet you could even octuple it if you wanted. 

Then just stir it all up so it's all blended smooth and mixed well.

After you have it all mixed up pour it into a canning jar or other container to store until needed. Hope you enjoy it as much as my family does.

Bar-B-Que Sauce
from the kitchen of my Aunt Ruth 

Mix well:
1/2 C. ketchup
1/4 C oil
1 Tblsp. prepared mustard 
1 tsp. soy sauce
3 Tblsp. packed brown sugar
1 clove garlic, minced

Finger lickin' good and easy to make.

Bon Appetit, mis amicos


  1. Fab, thank you - The Doctor (my husband) will be very grateful to you!! :-)