Sunday, August 8, 2010

Project 365 - 31

This has been a week.  

8/1/10  Sunday:  The week began with a into the late night game of Hand and Foot.  Why do we start these game at 8:30 and expect them to finish quickly?  And the  next day was the first day back to work for My Mann and me.  

8/2/10 Monday: The first day back to work and there wasn't much real work being done.  When one is away from work for a time it takes some time to get back into work.  This day was for the most part spent in figuring out where things were left off before the office went dark and what now needs to be back on the fast track in order to have things ready for registration and new school year.  I think I am in deep you know what for a while.  Not quite sure as I haven't quite figured out where I am yet.

8/3/10 Tuesday: Today we received news that two moms of our students passed away. One yesterday and one over the weekend. These moms were both younger than me, leaving their husbands to finish raising their families.  Sad day.  Hard day.

8/4/10 Wednesday: I got home really late today from work only to find Zeba the only one home. She didn't even make an effort to get up from her nap on the living room carpet to greet me.  When I went outside she did make the effort to finally get up.  Then I got a kick out of watching Zeba get picked on.  See the blur?  That's a mocking bird swooping down and spanking her butt.

8/5/10 Thursday: Just a look at my reading pile by the bed. Tonight nothing really appealed to me, but I did read a chapter from Sarah's Key.

8/6/10 Friday: This week has progressively gone down hill.  I am needing to vent, defrag, get de-agitated. I'm feeling like a caged up lion, pacing, pacing, pacing.  I'm even unbearable to be around for My Mann so he took me to the duck pond in hopes that the ducks and water would help my mood. See that black duck?  That's how I feel.  

8/7/10 Saturday:  Woke up to the smell of these and the sound of Brad Paisley singing "I'm Still a Guy" on the stereo.  Lucky me.  My Mann fixed us breakfast. I got to sleep in and we all spent a lazy day.  After brunch Sweet Pea asked, "Who wants to play Hand & Foot?"  She enlisted two others to play a round with her.

Wishing you a week better than the one I just had. Looking forward to a better week.

Ciao y baci mis amicos


  1. Awww Linda, it must have been in the air. But it usually doesn't take too long before God does something to let us know He is thinking of us and loves us. And the peace returns. In the meantime, I'm a click away for you. You will be in my prayers. Sometimes, I think life is like being in labor. The pains can be hard, but the end result is so worth it. Hang in there. Kitty vibes and hugs to you.

  2. Yes it was a tough week. Going back to work after being off for a month is not easy. Any little thing can set you off. I felt it too. I understand and I still love you.

  3. I think the sun will be coming out soon! If not I know a quick trip over here can fix everything really fast. Work is over rated anyway. LOL