Sunday, August 1, 2010

Project 365 - Week 30

This is a very sad week.  It's my last one to be home, to get up at my leisure, to leisurely waist time web surfing, to spending long uninterrupted time watching and learning from the wildlife out my windows, and to just be still if I want to.  This month I'm glad I was able to get some things done that had been bugging me, like uncluttering, deep cleaning, scrapbooking, and now having a system set up (should I choose to continue it) that I can follow with my full time work schedule.  Wish I had done some more reading.  Well, I guess I could say I did because I did an awful lot of blog reading, I started six books, and completed two.

7/25/10 Sunday:  For these last couple months we've started a new Sunday tradition.   We pull out the burgers and the barbie for barbecued hamburgers.  I don't know about the others but I look forward to these burgers with Montreal Steak Seasoning and my aunt's homemade barbecue sauce.  We didn't start out that way.  We first used store bought barbecue sauce until one day we discovered that the pantry was empty of our barbecue sauce supply.  Being the Sabbath day instead of shopping I remembered my aunt's recipe that I use to make all the time.  I dug it out of the depths from my old recipe box and made some up.  Everyone decided after the first bite that no more store bought barbecue sauce was to be purchased.  We now make our own.  Thanks, auntie, for sharing.

7/26/10 Monday:  I haven't had this for breakfast for quite a while.  A homemade three berry smoothie and peanut butter and honey on rye toast.  

7/27/10 Tuesday: There has been a lot of time spent at home with My Mann as he hasn't been working this month either.  Not good for the income growth needed to keep that secure feeling around.  

7/28/10 Wednesday: I noticed today a Plumeria plant that I've been nursing, one of three, for a very long time.  Another one of the three didn't make it and the jury is still out for the third one.  The stem feels kind of squishy but not completely dead yet like it's brother.  But, this one appears to be doing well.  It has blossoms that look like they may actually do something, like look pretty.  I can't wait to see them.  I don't even know what color they'll be.  Kind of like having a baby in the old days when they couldn't tell you what sex your child would be before it was delivered.

7/29/10 Thursday:  This was one of those days that I watched out my window for a very long time.  I don't know that you can see them very well in this photograph (look for the dark dots on the stairs railing of the water tower) but there was an open house of sorts going on up there on the water tank.  It was very fascinating to watch friends, family, and  acquaintances come and hang out and move on.  I took so many pictures of the goings on that I'll have to post on a later blog. 

7/29/10 Friday:  My Mann's brother and sister-in-law called us up and asked if we wanted to join them for dinner.  Heck yeah, that's a no brainer.   You'll never guess what I had for "dinner".  I had steamed seasonal vegetables and the brownie sundae.  The company and dinner were great!  We hadn't seen them for a while so it was nice to catch up. 

7/31/10 Saturday: I had a list in Nirvana of projects that I hoped to get done while on my furlough and this was one of them.  I procrastinated this one to the most last minute.  It has been ages since I did any canning.  To do home canning costs more in energy and sugar than it does to buy it so why can.  You may be asking yourself if that is my attitude on canning why did I do it now?  Well, it fell into that uncluttering phase.  I've had boysenberry puree in the freezer for some time now and now I have a big open space and a weight off my back and mind.  I did it to liberate myself.  Do you know how it feels to open the freezer to look for some chicken, hamburger, or Digiorno pizza and see that big container of boysenberry puree staring back at you every. single. stinkin'. time?  Now I don't have to see it.  Don't ask me why I bought the stuff when I thought canning was a waste of money and time, 'cuz I don't know what I was thinking back then.  It's gone now and I don't care.  I feel free!

With this week past of uncluttering and feeling free I will leave you with this Chinese proverb I saw recently.  "The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago.  The second best time is now."  No regrets about what hasn't been done (note to self) do what you can today.

May your week be liberating in one way or another.  
Ciao y baci mis amicos



  1. I love looking at your pictures. You're such a good photographer! :) LOVE YOU!

  2. I enjoyed this post. Thanks for making me smile when I needed to. Love you.

  3. It's funny that I was there for all this activity.
    I guess that what happens when you go into forced retirement for a month. I like your pictures too.