Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Wadda You Wanna Do?

I had mentioned in my last Project 365 post about the open house going on up on our water tower.  That water tower really is ours.  I don't care what you're thinking.  Don't pay you know mind to the other houses built on our hill.  We just let them live next to us.  It's our water tower and our hill.   And it's because of our hill that we lose daylight in the winter a good three hours earlier than the rest of the valley. That's bad.  I need the light and the warmth that comes from the sun in the winter.   In the summer the sun sets about an hour and a half earlier.  That's good.  We had cut down our trees in the back yard, hence no shade.  They weren't really trees they were more like roman torches waiting to happen.
Oh, I digress.  We weren't talking about the sun setting we were talking PARTY!

When I go into my bathroom there is this window that gives me a view of the south 40 and the hill and wildlife and dead plants and the water tower.  This one morning I happened to notice some vultures up on the tower.  
 First, there were three then there were four then five.   
 Then, still more kept coming in for a landing.  
 But, there was something else that I noticed.  Occasionally, as I continued to watch I saw that they looked like they were hanging out to dry.  
"Wadda you wanna do?"
"I dunno, wadda you wanna do?" Guess that movie.
I heard once that vultures would stand spread eagle like that because they thought they were eagles.  Nooo.  Not really, that's not what I heard.  It just sounded good.  No. What I heard was that they would do that spread eagle thingy to dry out their wings after they had eaten.
What? Maybe the blood from whatever they ate would mess up their wings.  I don't know, that's just what I remember.  Maybe I dreamed it up, who knows?  I know I don't.
But, I don't know if you can believe that or not.  That was before the internet, in prehistoric times, that I heard that. I remember "the first time ever I saw your face", oops, now I'm hearing songs in my head.  I remember the first time I had a vulture fly over my head just after we moved here.  The sound of the wind as it flapped its huge wings and the ginormous shadow it cast as it went over.  I thought it was a prehistoric bird or something. That was before I was got use to all the wildlife around here. 
"Wadda you wanna do?"
 "No, let's not start that again!" Mann, those old VHS movies that I heard over and over again when the kidlets were younger.  Now, they're haunting me.  Help!?! Save Me.  No.  I like the memories of the enjoyment the kidlets got out of those simple pleasures.  I'm OK. 

Ciao y bacci mis amicos


  1. Very nice pictures and observation of the Vultures but that is to many birds for me! I have been afraid of birds ever since I saw the Alfred Hitchcock movie, "The Birds.”
    Cris Parry

  2. I read this one! A time to relax and enjoy nature.