Friday, August 27, 2010

Weekend Links

I enjoy finding treasures out there in blogland whether they be informative, hysterical, crafty, yummy, or just plain sharable.  I'd like to think there is at least one other person out there with me reading what I have to write and in my mind's eye sitting with me perusing the fun things on the net.  You and I can learn something new together, laugh together, say, "hmmm." or "gotta try that!" together.   So I thought I'd share some web links occasionally on the weekends and I promise I won't have a lot of links because frankly who has that much time to be on the computer when there is so much to do?

I'm also thinking of using Fridays as a day to post my favorite personal photograph of the week.  Not personal of me but a photo taken by me personally.  This too I've seen done on other blogs.  

First, the weekend links
  • Weeeerre Baaaack from the Lettered Cottage has a great short video.
  • Les calepins de lapin is a blog done by a French illustrator living in Barcelona with an amazing talent.  I wish I could draw.  His blog is full of his sketches from his sketch book which travels with him.  
Now, for the picture.  

    I just love watching the bees working and pollinating this Spring while I relaxed and watch them. 

    Ciao y baci mis amicos

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    1. love finding these links. thanks so much for adding Get It Scrapped to your blog list.