Sunday, September 19, 2010

Project 365 - Week 36

This has been a pretty good week.  It seems like it lasted a long time but didn't feel long..  I don't know if that makes any sense.  I guess it was because a lot of things happened yet the days didn't seem to drag on and on and on. And joy of joys, it's been warm everyday this week - not hot but warm enough to be pleasant. 

9/12/10 Sunday: To begin the week I talked to my sister.  That isn't unusual since we talk just about every day, but what made this more fun was that we Skyped.  Now she doesn't have to give me verbal pictures over the phone.  She can actually show me what she is talking about.  We have really enjoyed that feature. 

9/13/10 Monday: I think the best thing that happened today happened early in the morning.  I couldn't stop thinking about.  I wrote about it as something I learned for today.  But I just love that I was able to capture this memory of that squirrel running with its treasure.

9/14/10 Tuesday:  After work and dinner I cut up another watermelon.  That is one thing I have really enjoyed this year.  I get the little seedless melons since My Mann and I are the only ones that will eat it.  Then he and I can practically polish off one in an evening.

9/15/10 Wednesday:  I got up this morning knowing that I would be out by the County Fair  I've been wanting to go this year, but wasn't sure if I could fit it in.  Since I drove all the way out there I decided to played hooky from work with my boss' permission.  I had a pretty good time there all by myself. I got to meander through the seller's booths, check out their wares, watch their demonstrations, and check out the home and garden section without feeling like I was holding somebody up.  It was fun, but boy was I exhausted after five and a half hours.  My feet hated me especially since I wore inappropriate shoes since I hadn't planned on going to the fair before I got dressed. I didn't do any of the rides or arcade things other than sneak a glance in the mirrors in front of the fun house.  

9/16/10 Thursday: My Sweet Pea had her physical therapist friend over and she did a "scrap and cup" to relieve some pain in My Boy's back.  I just hung out with them, watched the scraping in cupping, and relaxed. 

9/17/10 Friday:  Hooray, it's Friday.  My Sweet Pea and I ran some errands after work, I chilled in front of my computer for a bit.  While I was there both kidlets stopped by to talk to me.  One of them queried, "have you taken your picture of the day yet?"  I thought that was so funny.  They have become use to me getting a picture a day that they now are seeing to it that I stay on task with that.  The funny thing was that I hadn't had my picture for today yet and I didn't know what I was going to do for it.  My Boy offered to do the picture of the day for me and this is the moment he saved.

9/18/10 Saturday:  My Mann and I were married 33 years ago today.  It seems really weird because this is the first time in 33 years that we have not been together for our anniversary.  He had some family things to do with his dad and siblings. 

Since My Mann wasn't home I began another sewing project. Kitty helped and kept me company while My Mann was away  I am always interested in whether or not the project will come out as pictured on the pattern envelope.  I am making a Retro 1946 style dress.  I was born in the wrong era as far as clothing goes.  I love the fashions of the past eras.  They are so classy looking for the men as well as the women, not the slop and rags that people call clothes today.

I wish you all a fabulous week.
Ciao y baci mis amicos


  1. 2 things... 1. I'm LOVING watermelon this summer also!! 2. I wish I could say it's NOT warm enough! hahahaha!! I decided I want to become a sun bird istead of a snow bird I want to come to CA during the summer and come to AZ for the winter. :)

    Love you Auntie!

  2. Congratulations on your anniversary!

  3. Mmm, watermelon :-) Lovely pic of you! And (belated) congratulations on your anniversary xx