Thursday, September 2, 2010

Today I learned - Sept. 1, 2010

 I learned something today, this first day of September and it didn't take very long after opening my eyes after my short night's nap to learn this tidbit of information.   I am NOT a morning person so for me to learn this tidbit of information took me all day.  First off I realized I could hear sounds coming through the open windows.  There were:

1. The occasional bird sounds
2. Muffled sounds of traffic
3. The soft sound of a train engine off in the distance and the train whistle blowing
4. Sometimes there is the sound of a motorcycle that overpowers all other sounds
5. The rhythmic tick-tock of the clock on the counter.

Really listening to the sounds this morning instead of them just being background sounds made me think of the movie August Rush where the young actor hears music in everything around him.  

For me there were the melodic bird notes, the swishy drum sounds of the train engine and car traffic, the whistle notes, the rhythmic beat of the clock and trumpetish sound of the motorcycle. 

During the day all of a sudden I would catch a sound that would quietly come to my attention.  The sound of my tires on the road bumps and construction metal plates,  the whoosh, whoosh of the dishwasher as the only sound in the house.  

Then it hit me.  I like the sounds of the morning.  The EARLY morning.  I have been up late at night even to the point of going to bed around 3 or 4 in the morning and I don't recall hearing those sounds when I've been up.  Maybe my brain is to busy to hear those soft, quiet sounds.
Hearing these sounds through the open windows in the bedroom does something to me.  I don't know how to explain it.  They calm me, they center my karma, they act in a way I imagine yoga would do if you actually did yoga. I wouldn't really know since I haven't done yoga. 
Bottom line:  I learned I love the sounds of early morning.

What did you learn? 

Ciao y baci mis amicos,


  1. Oh Linda, I learned how truly kind God is. I was so dreading today. It was a year from a day that held a lot of meaning for me. I had had a wonderful day on Thursday and went to sleep, even had surprisingly sweet dreams. So I woke up today prepared to battle my way through it. Then, I realized that today was not the year anniversary. Yesterday was. While I was talking, smiling and laughing with a good Christian friend, I unknowingly made it through that day, and today lost its dread. I already made it. How good is He?!? Smiles and kitty vibes.

  2. I love the morning for another reason, It is quiet to me. I like to watch the world wake up. Our house is too noisy at night and soooo quiet in the morning. That's why I love mornings.