Monday, September 13, 2010

What I've Learned - Sept. 12, 2010

It took a little time to carry out a thought I've had for some time now.  A while back I read an article that for the life of me I can't locate now, and I don't even really remember what was written except that it talked about an old oriental man (I think) that took stones and balanced them one on top of the other to make pillars.  Ever since reading about that the visual of the rocks balancing and having balance in my life has never been far from my thoughts.  

Over the weekend while I was standing in the backyard watching the boys chop up and remove the decayed tree stump I looked over at the pile of rocks we've collected from the yard during various stages of landscaping (I use that word lightly).  I picked some out and started balancing them one on top of the other.  The only rule I gave myself was once I picked up a rock I had to balance it as the next highest rock on the pillar at the time.  The larger bottom rocks took a lot of care in placement, a lot of trial and error, but after much turning, rotating, moving from side to side, the rock would balance.  I first built this pillar on the little patio wall.  Pleased with my results I decided to keep it but place it in an area where it could add some interest to the landscaping.  FYI don't try to pick up a balancing pillar and walk with it.  When the big rock falls on your foot, it hurts for a long time. 

I moved the pillar to the herb garden which allows me to see it from the great room door or kitchen window.  Every time I see it a smile breaks out within me and then shows up on my face.  

I learned that I like the simplicity of the balancing rocks and it is a good reminder to have balance in my life.


  1. I love it as gardening sculpture. And I love the meaning even more. Great post.

  2. Somehow balancing the rocks although very difficult is somewhat easier to accomplish than trying to balance life. I too am working on that one.