Sunday, September 19, 2010

What I've Learned - Sept. 17 & 18,, 2010

What do you think of when you hear or think about creativity?  I usually think about how I am NOT creative.  I don't have a creative bone in my body or thought in my head.  I know I can create lots of beautiful quilts, sew a garment, make a scrapbook or page, create a meal but, now here is the negative talk that kicks in, all these things were created on the creative idea of someone else.  I used someone's pattern, I took someone's idea for the quilt, I used someone's recipe, I'm not creative enough to come up with my own ideas. 

But on the 17th I had the opportunity view a DVD presented at work as part of our staff meeting.  The DVD was called "Everyday Creativity" by Dewitt Jones.  Jones is a photographer for National Geographic Magazine so the photography was amazing, but more importantly the lessons I learned from him life changing.  I no longer think that I'm not creative. 

Mr. Jones asks, "What is Creativity?"  How would you define Creativity?  I could think of what I thought Creativity was but after the definition from Dewitt I now have an entirely different perspective and  now realize that anyone can be creative.  Jones defines creativity as "A moment when we see the extraordinary in the ordinary."  He demonstrated this in his photographs.  Seeing that there is beauty in everything.  It's "like falling in love with the world. . .feeling passion"

Dewitt also stressed the tools that he uses in every aspect of your life. Perspective and Perseverance.  I found a small clip on YouTube that will give a smidgen of what I saw.

Many times Dewitt Jones stressed that there is more than one right answer. There's more than one right answer.  Don't stop at the first one. 

In closing he said (now I'm paraphrasing here) If we let the beauty fill us up that will come out of us in many ways; how we conduct ourselves, in the caliber of our work, in the service we offer and how we treat others.

The lesson I learned yesterday is a sweet lesson for me.  I learned that My Boy will step in as the man of the home to take care of his mother and sister when his father is away.  He willing came along and ran errands with me to Costco and Joanns Craft and Fabric Store. When we arrived home he unloaded the car and put things away, just like his dad.

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