Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What I've Learned - Sept. 19, 20, and 21, 2010

Lessons, lessons, lessons.

The lesson that I am claiming as having learned Sunday, September 19th actually comes from observation over the past few weeks of a relationship I have seen between my daughter and a couple of her recent close friends.  Good friends rarely come along into your life, but when they do they are worth a gazillion dollars.

I've had a few in my close circle of friends lamenting the lack of time to do things.  Whether it's something you enjoy doing but can't because you have to do something else or vise-versa.  There are times when you have to get something unbearable done that you just don't want to do.  I've passed on advice I've heard and read numerous times - eat the elephant one bite at a time.  Take any project you have to or want to do into small steps.  For instance if you're trying to get something you want to do but the house needs cleaning instead, give yourself a reward 15 minutes every hour to do what you enjoy.  The amazing thing is I've actually been taking my own advice and finding that it really does work.  I am sewing my dress one step at a time and it is coming together a lot faster than I expected. I'm not getting those feelings of frustration.  I'm able to balance my life a little more between work, hobbies, and family.  The only thing still out of the picture is the house, reading, exercising and time for meditation and scripture study.  If only I could fit all that into the five short hours between work and bedtime.

Today was an oops lesson and I'm hoping My Mann doesn't read this.  I learned that a match can flip out of your hand quicker than you think.  I learned that a match doesn't extinguish itself when it falls from waist level to the wood floor.  See the black scorch mark in the center of the picture?  It looks pretty similar to the imperfections I like in the wood; the little black knots.  Maybe it will blend in and he won't notice.

Forever learning.

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