Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What I've Learned - Sept. 6, 2010

Zeba has been trying to tell the family something for a good three hours this morning and we just weren't getting it. She'd sit and meow at her full food dish and we'd tell her, "You have food!" 

She'd sit and meow at the back door and we'd explain to her that, "You're not going out there this morning so you can bring in fleas."  

She'd meow on the upstairs landing so we'd scoop her up to give her some love thinking she wanted attention.

She meowed at the garage door so My Sweet Pea let her out.  Shortly we hear very loud meows coming from the garage.  My Sweet Pea opens the door to see what Zeba wants.

From the garage I can hear My Sweet Pea talking to Zeba.  "What!?!  Are you complaining because the washing machine isn't open for you?"   Apparently, Zeba was just sitting in front of the washing machine. 

I learned that Zeba loves lounging in the washing machine.

Later My Sweet Pea had to kick Zeba out of the washer so she could do her laundry so Zeba decided to check out the dryer.


  1. She is Kitty, and you are not. You must bow to her wisdom! LOL

  2. Okay, you just need to add a pillow in there when it is not in use! She is getting old, you know.