Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Key

Have you ever thought about what key you would like to have?  If you could find a key to anything or something what would it be?  The key to success?  The key to the treasury?  The key to a mansion or castle?  The key to a sports car? The key to the fountain of youth? The key to the mysteries?

I've given this a little thought during the last week.  And when I tell you what key I would like to have you may think me silly.  I went through, in my mind, multiple scenarios of finding keys to various things, then playing them out.

For instance, finding the key to a circa 70's Corvette or a fast car, but then I think of all the baggage that would come along with that  key.  The up keep of the car, finding places to drive the car fast without getting tickets or harming myself or others.  Too much trouble.

How about a key to travel?  What would that key offer or not offer?  There are way too many keys needed to travel. Lodging keys, transportation keys, language keys, financial keys and I've only found one of those keys. 

So what about a key to take care of finances? There isn't a key to a never ending fund of money that automatically generates itself.  That is too much work and money doesn't purchase everything you may want or need.

The key I decided I would like to have is the key to the Magic Kingdom.  At anytime I would like to take a diversion from life in the fast zone I could step into Disneyland, The Happiest Place On Earth,  without having to pay for an annual pass, and enjoy some carefree time.

I would love to be able to take friends and family there to create some good memories.

I also see it as a helpful key when I see others who may be in pain or stress to be able to take them there for the day in order to give them and their minds time to stop thinking about their worries and troubles. Yes, I think the key to Disneyland would be the ticket for me.

How about you?  Leave a comment and tell us what key you would like to have?

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  1. What an interesting idea :-) Gosh, I'd have to give this one some thought myself!