Thursday, October 14, 2010

Library Memories

We have spent many hours at the library over the years.  Sadly, not so much anymore now that the kidlets are grown.  I miss those days.

Not long ago I had gone to our local hometown library.  As I walked up the steps alone without any child in tow I saw this old familiar pillar.  

This pillar has a history with our family.  A participant in one of the most favorite memories of My Sweet Pea and me.  My Boy was there but I don't know if he would say it's a favorite memory of his even though he was the main subject of that memory.  

On day when My Boy was very young, we took a library trip.  As the three of us walked up to the library and neared the entrance My Boy took off running up the steps then looking over his shoulder at  My Sweet Pea, while still running, and issued the challenge to beat her to the door.  

Just moments after this issuing his challenge he turns to face the entrance only to find a huge obstacle in his face.  He met the pillar up close and personal, like.  

He hasn't lived to long enough to live that incident down, poor fellow.  Fortunately he wasn't running fast enough to do any damage to himself.  We three still enjoy reminiscing about this time.  

Hold fast to those memories of your little ones.  

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