Sunday, October 17, 2010

Project 365 - Week 40

Whoa! There are only twelve more weeks left of the year.  Can you believe that?  This year I won't have to say where has the year gone because I have a photographic record of it.  I think I've only missed two days so far of the year in getting a photograph.  This week has been a week of nature and weather.  It's been pretty bizarre.  Last week we had heat and the first part of this week it has been quite hot during the day and quite cool at night causing some pretty intense fog.

10/10/10 Sunday:  The big 10.10.10 day.  A day for marriages and births.  Even more novel if you were able to accomplish the feat at 10:10AM or PM.  All that was eventful for us on this day was a quite day and evening with my family and capturing this squirrel on film, I mean on pixels.

10/11/10 Monday:  Today started out beautiful but then ended kind of eerily.  One could be driving along in clear conditions then all of a sudden find a pocket of fog.  Sorry the picture isn't very good.  My Boy took it with his phone camera, but you can see that the road is clear in the foreground of the picture then you can see the fog coming up in the background that we soon drove into.

10/12/10 Tuesday:  This day went by in a blur.  Had a nagging headache for most of the day and it was all I could do to go through the motions. I was alert enough to be intrigued by the fog rolling in as billows and being right in the middle of it.

10/13/10 Wednesday:  A funny thing happened on the way to work yet I didn't know it until My Mann arrived home from work that day.  On my way to work I pass by this area that has a view of one of our little valleys.  I always love looking out over the side and out across the valley to the mountains beyond.  On this morning as I looked out I was amazed at the view I was privileged to see.  I had to pull along the side of the road by the sheriff's station in a No Parking Any Time zone to snap a shot of it as cars whizzed by hurrying on their way to work or wherever they were headed. 

Under that blanket of fog you would never know there are lots of homes, fields, and businesses.  The funny part of this whole thing is when My Mann came home one of the first things he did after kissing me was to flip out his cell phone to show me a picture.  What do you think I saw?  He had traveled the same road I did that morning a half hour earlier than me and he, too, was amazed by what he saw.  He thought to himself I have to get a picture of this for Linda.

10/14/10 Thursday: Today was harvest day at our house.  We had planted tomatoes, yellow squash, summer squash, zucchini, beans, and tomatoes.  Are plentiful harvest came in the form of butternut squash.  We got nine butternut squash from a plant that we didn't even plant. From the plants we did plant we harvested four little cherry tomatoes and a small handful of green beans, barely enough for a garnish. Pitiful gardeners we are.  I use to be able to get great results from my gardens but I think working full time has put a crimp in gardening.

10/15/10 Friday:  Got into work today and found my boss already there.  (Usually I'm the first one in the office.) This morning I was just flooding with feelings of gratitude for my boss.  I couldn't be working for someone who is more appreciative of what I do.  One who is so understanding if I need to go to a doctors appt. or take a vacation or ignore because a red tail hawk has landed in front of my office window (she understands my quirks like that).  Thank you, boss, you're the greatest.

10/16/10 Saturday:  This morning, this day, has been very dreary.  The perfect curl up with a blanket by the fire and read kind of day.  The perfect day to bake or make homemade soup.  The perfect day to sleep in. 

We slept in this morning then a close friend came over and we showed her how to make The Best Belgian Waffles.  That then became our delicious breakfast. 

Later it was just the four of us and we cuddled in our chairs, put in the DVD and watch My Fair Lady.  It was the first time My Boy and Sweet Pea had seen that movie.  We had a good time of it and My Boy couldn't believe the way Mr. Higgins treated Eliza Doolittle through the movie.  He didn't like the ending. 

Well that is a close of another week and the beginning of a new.  Hope you and yours have a great week.

Ciao y baci mis amicos


  1. :) I loved the pics of the fog. California's blanket fog is unique to the place and it is hauntingly beautiful.

    Carol looks GREAT! OMW!

    Love and Kitty Vibes,


  2. I can't believe how far through the year we are! Project 365 has made me much more aware of the passing of time, as well as capturing all those moments and memories. I shall definitely be doing it again next year :-)

    Those chairs look very comfortable - are they from Ikea? The Doctor has one from there, and it is indeed very comfortable! xx