Sunday, October 31, 2010

Project 365 - Week 42

This has been a very long week.  My co-worker teased me Friday when I asked, "Is today Friday?  It was more that I needed a reaffirmation that it really, finally, was Friday.  I woke up thinking it was  Friday  three days prior to the real Friday.  

Although through this long week we have had some great weather!  Warm and sunny.  What more could a person ask?

10/24/10 Sunday: Today ended, until the Spring, the tradition of barbecued hamburgers for Sunday dinner. I love the smell of a barbecue. 

10/25/10 Monday: It was finally dry enough to mow the lawn.  When I heard My Mann out there doing it I hurried out so I could enjoy it.  

"It" being the smell of the lawn being cut, not necessarily seeing My Mann pushing the lawn mower although I do enjoy watching him, that  was the added bonus. 

I love the smell of a freshly mown lawn.  There is nothing like it.  Except maybe freshly mown hay or some other type of grain.  My sense of smell the last couple days has been working over time.  Maybe because the earth has been washed clean with the rain we had the prior week every thing just smelled so much better.

10/26/10 Tuesday: I caught this little girl on camera.  You'd never know it from seeing this picture, she looks so innocent and cute, I tried to get her begging but when I got my camera she quit and ignored me for the most part.  It's almost like she knows what the camera is and she becomes camera shy or evasive.  

I never realized that some cats as they get older are like some people when they  get older: crotchety and ornery.  I've never been around cats when they get old even though I've had four cats; they just wouldn't come home after many years of active life.  My first three were indoor/outdoor cats.  After our move the the third cat was attacked one morning in the backyard by coyotes which sealed the fate of this little girl being a strictly indoor cat. 

I'm now learning all kinds of things I never realized before.  Mostly that she is very picky about her food.  The type, her feeding schedule, her water likes and dislikes, and when these are not met she isn't afraid to vocalize her objections, in cat language, very loudly.  I'm surprised the neighbors haven't come knocking or reported us for animal brutality.  I don't know what has happened to her.  She was never like this when she was younger.  It's like within the last year someone has taken my Little Zeba and put some other devil cat in her body.  

Then if she is content, she is like the old, I mean younger, Zeba we are use to and who would love jump in your lap for a petting and a nap. 

10/27/10 Wednesday: Caught this glimpse of the beginnings of the day over our little valley.  Didn't do a very good job catching what I really saw from my window but it reminds me of the promise of a good day.  Friday.  What?  Today isn't Friday?

10/28/10 Thursday: I got some mending done tonight.  Buttons replaced or tightened on a shirt, pair of pants, a blouse, and a jacket.  It felt liberating.  Now, I don't have to see them hanging around in my craft room taunting me: buttons, buttons, we need buttons.  To which I would respond, "Go get your own buttons"  and then walk out. 

10/29/10 Friday: Early this morning there was a lot of activity in the sky.   The jet tails catching the glow of the sun as it was rising for the day.  I think it would have been perfect to be up there. 

10/30/10 Saturday:  Today I had patterns, fabric and sewing on the brain.  Before I start a new garment I need to finish the current one.  So, I had My Mann help me by marking the hem of this dress so that I might be able to finish it during the following week. 

I hope you have a great week and that you are able to accomplish some things you set out to do.

Ciao y baci mis amicos,

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  1. Great summary of your week! What I need to achieve is my German homework and preparation for my own papercrafts class - what I'm actually doing is catching up on blogs..... ;-)