Friday, October 15, 2010

Weekend Links & A Photo

What a great idea for spreading happiness this Fall. Check out this DIY: Flower Bulb Favorsat Chelsea's cute blog {frolic!}

Looking for a way to have a fun, cute Jack-O-Lantern without the mess?  Check out Linda of Craftoholics Anonymous for a terrific idea using lights, glass block and vinyl decals.  I'm wondering why paint wouldn't work just as well.

I had heard about cooking one day for a month of dinners.  I've done a VERY minimal for of this and it is great to be able to go to the freezer and pull out a meal when you don't feel like cooking or don't have the time.  If you want to learn more you need to see what Bekki, of  the Little Red Hen, has done.  Even if you choose two or three recipes to have in your freezer for the busy holiday season you will thank yourself!

 I love this photo. It was taken several years ago in Roatan.  My Boy saw this spider monkey and so wanted to hold it.  When it climbed onto his arm then over and around his neck he was so excited!  This picture reminds me of how excited he was. And how young he looked without hair on his face.

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  1. Aw, cute monkey!

    I love cooking extra portions for the freezer - the weeks get so busy that it helps a lot to be able to quickly defrost and reheat something I cooked a while back :-)