Friday, October 29, 2010

Weekend Links & A Photo

Directions to make a fun 1970 style Slasher Scarf

I love looking at houses as I drive by but I've been to chicken to get out and take pictures from the sidewalk.  The boldest I've ever been is to have My Mann stop the car in the middle of the street so I could get a quick snapshot of the front of the house. This blogger is braver than I am and she found a beautiful fairytale home and did just that, took pictures from the sidewalk and captured the charm of this house.

Perfectionism, hmmm.   To be or not to be.  Where do you draw the line?

 I love this picture. I saw the early morning sun glistening in the droplets. Had to capture it.  I was still figuring out how to get bokeh with my camera and I love the dew drops on the lilies. I remember the satisfaction from seeing how I was able to accomplish, almost perfectly, the vision of the finished photograph in my head. 


  1. Lovely photo Linda- you captured this flower in it's glory!!!

  2. The photo is gorgeous, and the links really interesting :-) Doing Project 365 has helped me to lose all inhibitions about taking photos in public!