Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Bed Making

Usually making a bed isn't too difficult.  When you have an offer to help it is even easier. . .except when Zeba wants to help. 

It's come to closing the doors and hoping that she won't hear that you're changing the sheets.  Admittedly that is getting easier.  She is getting older and she's getting less energetic.  Poor kitty.  Although, My Mann came downstairs, unaware that I was writing this, to notify me that Zeba is "helping" him make the bed. 

When she knows that one of her favorite activities is happening she wants to join in and asks if she can help.  

Even though you declined her offer, she doesn't have thumbs you know, so this job is really out of her league, 

she won't take our refusal of her help for an answer.

So she gets in there and totally involved.  After she has helped with getting the bottom sheet down she losses interest in helping so much and more interested in other things.

She's now interested in what's underneath the top sheet.


And how she can attack what is above the top sheet.

How can you be frustrated with a face like that?

Thanks Zeba for all your help.

30 Days of Thanks Living:  I am grateful that my mom taught me how to sew and cook.  I love cooking for others and creating things through fabric. 


  1. I have seen her in action "helping", it definitely puts a smile on your face!

  2. She is simply ensuring that it is done properly! Arwen thought it was a hunting exercise sometimes, too!