Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Cranberries Anyone?

Which do you prefer?  Whole or jellied cranberries.  For the most part our family likes the canned whole cranberries.

I've made cranberry sauce using fresh cranberries with oranges and orange rinds but I was the only one who liked it so I quit trying to experiment with making cranberry sauce using fresh cranberries.

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But I found this Holiday Cranberry Dessert at and I think I'm going to give it a try. This Cranberry Dessert uses cranberry juice for the cranberry flavor rather than cranberries.  My mouth is drooling and it's too late to eat anything.  Help.  Will I survive until I can whip it up?
How about you?  Got any special treats you make with cranberries?  Which do you like whole or jellied cranberries?

30 Days of Thanks Living: I'm grateful for the medical field.  Because of them My Mann is still here with us.  About this time of year, ten years ago we almost lost him.  He got a new heart valve for his birthday.  Thank you to anyone working in the medical field for all you do.  We love you and appreciate you.

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