Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Farm Boy

My Boy and I have subtle ways of saying "I love you" to each other without ever saying those three words.  It started many years ago, when he was pretty young, and it comes up at the times you would least think of saying, "I love you."  The first time My Boy said it I was caught totally off guard, but not for long when I was able to come back with my answer. 

We don't tell each other much in this way because the circumstances that lead up to his comment and my answer are fewer and fewer between now that he is more busy and rarely around at the same time I am.

A few weeks ago I needed to ask him to take care of some things for me and being the technological age that it is I sent him my request via text to his phone. Now a days that is about the only way I can be sure to catch him. 

Me: Son, Can you take care of the compost
                                Empty the recycle bucket
                                Sweep the front porch
Thanks, you're the best!

My Boy: Uhh...yes to the first, maybe to the second, and possibly to the third. ;-)

Me: You Brat.  Thanks for doing them all.

My Boy: Lol as you wish.

Me: Thank you farm boy.

Whenever he says, "As you wish." it never fails to bring a smile to my face and that connection that we share tightens in my heart. 
This is a line from the movie "Princess Bride" when sweet Wesley says this to Buttercup after she gives him orders, "Oh Farm Boy, fetch water from the well." or other chores to be done.  Then one day she realizes that he answers this way because he loves her and she discovers she loves him as well.  

My Boy when he was very, very, very young would yell that he hated me when he wasn't allowed to do as he wished. I always answered with, "but, I love you, anyway." (which, by the way, frustrated him more, at times.)  Now, he tells me, "As you wish" and I answer, "Thank you, Farm Boy" and we share this banter instead.

30 Days of Thanks Living: I am grateful for My Mann.  I can't imagine any other man that could ever fit me.  We're like a hand and glove, made for each other.  Although, I'm afraid he got the worst end of the match.  I'm the hand all warm, protected, and changing the form of the glove at a whim.  He is the glove, the protector from the cold or things that would get the hand dirty, forever at the mercy of the hand to open, close, grasp, or be cast aside, under a pile of coats and scarves.  

Honey, I thank you for the thing that you do. 


  1. Beautiful :-) And I love The Princess Bride too! xx

  2. My husband got this right away! He loved it and totally laughed out loud! this is a wonderful little example of how each family is unique and we have our own way of showing love. love it! p.s you can put Pres. Hinckley quote on your blog :)

  3. As always, as you wish.