Sunday, November 7, 2010

Project 365 - Week 43

Another week has gone by.  We're getting closer to Thanksgiving.

10/31/10 Sunday:  Tonight was Halloween and My Mann has a good time with the kids coming to the door trick-or-treating.

A couple kids came to the door for their treat. One was dressed as a banana and after My Mann handed them their candy started to close the door then reopened it saying, "OK banana, split!"  The kids began to giggle then My Mann couldn't help himself, "That's a knee slapper," he continues.   The banana slaps his knee and repeats, "Yeah, a knee slapper."  Then the door finally closes and we resume what we were doing.  Then we hear My Boy hysterically laughing from upstairs.  He comes downstairs to tell us that his window was open and he over heard the banana and his friend laughing and one said, "Old people are funny."

11/1/10 Monday:  We're having such great weather back in the upper 80s.  Tonight with the windows open and the warm night time temperatures the crickets were especially loud.

11/2/10 Tuesday: My Mann came home tonight, so out of character, bringing a bouquet of flowers. Later, in the evening he said he had been thinking of a future get away we will be taking.

11/3/10 Wednesday:  Needing to face some facts and make a decision.  Just as you think you may be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel something else happens.  When will it end?

11/4/10 Thursday:  I finally wore the dress I had made.  After I finished it the weather got cool so with it now warming up it was a perfect time to wear it.

11/5/10 Friday:  Today is My Sweet Pea's birthday!  Happy Birthday, Sweetie!  Love you!

11/6/10 Saturday:Our bathroom was commandeered by two young ladies who were coloring their each other's hair.  One to cover up the purple gone orange and the other to add more red to the faded color.
30 Days of Thanks Living:  I am grateful for time.  Time spent with my family on a one-on-one basis. (My Boy asked me to go shopping with him yesterday, how often does that happen?) Time to read.  Time to ponder.  Time to enjoy the beauty around me. Time to express myself through creative endeavors.  Time to worship God. Time for the joy of baking, chopping, and cooking for Thanksgiving.

Have a good week everyone.
Ciao y baci mis amicos,


  1. I have to agree with "The Webster's", I love the dress! It is really cute! Love the picture of Sweet Pea on her Bday. It is a really nice shot!