Monday, November 8, 2010

Sarah's Key

Several months ago I was in Target standing in front of the best seller book stand wondering what book looked interesting.  Sometimes when at a loss I have a very elaborate way of decision making.  In this case I was judging a book by its cover and wondering whether or not I really wanted to undertake the task of reading a book.  It has been some time since I've done that and I tend to pick huge books.

While mulling this decision over in my mind a woman came up beside me.  After a bit she offers, "Want a good book?  Read this." pointing to book cover with two children running towards an old., beautiful building with the title of Sarah's Key on it.  I must admit the cover had intrigued me as it looked like it may take place in some foreign place, which turned out to be Paris in 1942.

"Oh, what's it about?" I asked.  She hemmed and hawed a bit then said she didn't want to tell me much so she wouldn't give it away, which wasn't any more help really than choosing a book by its cover.

Still a little doubtful, but not wanting to offend, I picked up the book and walked away thinking I still had time to change my mind between there and the register.


The back cover states this book to be a "story in which a tragic past unfolds, the present is torn apart, and the future is irrevocably altered."  That is what initially held me back because I felt I had been living those same circumstances in a way, already.  Why put myself through the life of someone else having difficulties?  I ended up purchasing the book and reading it. 

I ended up liking it, disliking one of the characters, crying in parts of it, wondering, empathizing, and thinking about the book long after I read it.

The book is a 293 page, easy read book.  I found it to suck me in very quickly as I read the two intertwining story lines of the past and one in the 2002 present.

As far as dealing with the tragedy past, present, and future in the book helped with my own circumstance a bit.   I think that crying, which I hadn't been able to do much during that period, helped clear some of the pent up frustrations I had been feeling. 

30 Days of Thanks Living:  I know I should be grateful for hardships but I've been having a hard time of it.  I've lived a very charmed, blissful, sheltered life for just about all my 50+ years.  These last few years I have constantly experienced depression and discouragement.  Trials of the heart  and mind.  If it were physical trials I have found I am much more able to deal with those.  When My Mann's life was on the line I was able to be a pillar of strength but now I am all mush.   Having no experience in dealing with these types of trials has left me at a loss and not certain of what I'm made of.  I guess I'm grateful to be finding that out.  I am working at having a hopeful attitude. I'm working on being happy.  I'm working at making these experiences worth while.  I am grateful for Blogger and the opportunity it has given me to write and focus on the good rather than the bad and ugly.  It has given me the opportunity to meet some really nice people.  Thank you blog friends.

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