Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Just A Dollar?

A couple weeks ago was the sand dollar season.  My Sweet Pea and I were thrilled to find a few in the sand.

We brought them home to enjoy.  A few days later the wet sand that had come home with them was now dry and easily brushed off.  

My Sweet Pea was commenting on how fine the sand was and how easy it was to brush off.  

To which My Boy, who just happen to walk into the room as she was brushing off the sand and making that comment, with his quick wit, dead pan face and nonchalant voice notifies her, "If there's no sand in it it's just a dollar, not a sand dollar."


  1. For all the years I lived out there, I thought that sand dollars were strictly an East Coast thing! How did I miss that??!?

  2. Wow how I'd love to find one of those beauties on our beach!

    Felicity x