Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Lighting Christmas

This is the second year we have come home to find our house lighted and the tree up and lit as well. 
But it wasn't too long ago that wasn't the case.  

Back in the dark ages My Mann is the one who did the hanging of the lights.  Then when My Boy deemed himself old enough and anxious to decorate for Christmas it became a twosome that hung the lights and put up of the Christmas tree. (It's been sometime as well that we've had a real tree.)
 I don't know what it is about me but I love seeing my boys working together. 

This year I had asked My Boy about why we haven't had lights on the second story.  He said he had been thinking about putting lights on it but wasn't sure how to get the power to light them up. 
 I guess my question spurred him into figuring out this problem.  He put up a strand of lights that easily connected to power  but soon found that they didn't reach to the end.  So it was back to square one, plan B, only to find that this plan wouldn't work either. 
Then My Boy laments, "Where's Dad? (He hadn't come home from work yet.) He could figure this out in no time." It warms my heart that My Boy respects and looks up to his dad 
My Mann arrived while My Boy was still trying to work it out and together they got it done in no time.  Now there are lights on both stories and it looks beautiful.  What would I do without my boys?

I just now noticed that they both posed with the Christmas lights in a similar way.  Father like son or is it son like father?


  1. that's fun :) usually the guys take off when decoration time.

  2. Oh, what a heart-warming post! Thanks for sharing :-) And the house looks beautiful lit up like that xx