Wednesday, December 29, 2010

One Word

Last year I took up Ali Edwards’ idea of choosing a word to focus on for the year.  I had learned about her doing this the year prior but I couldn’t decide on a word hence I never followed through.  This year I had the word Change as my One Little Word for the year.  Mostly, I was thinking about changing my negative self talk and be to become less of a creature of habit.

When I chose this word I wasn’t aware that I would be going through the changes that I have experienced or still experiencing.   Some changes have been very difficult, some traumatic, some beneficial, some scary, some that have been very painful growth experiences.  I was thinking with the choice of this word I would change and get out of my shell more - that didn’t happen, instead in order to survive the trauma due to some changes I withdrew more.  I thought by focusing on the word Change I would change from stifling my creative spirit I would let my creative spirit fly and be less critical of my results.  I’m happy to say that DID happen, not entirely in the way I expected but I’m happy with how it came about.  That is how this blog got started. 

It was a huge change for me to step out of my shell and share my thoughts, writings, photography, ideas, and projects out there on the web for all the world to see and critic.  You, who have stopped by my blog, have been so supportive of me and my musings.  I feel you out there.  Even if you don't comment I feel you there listening, quietly supportive, thank you from the bottom of my heart for that.

These past  few days I’ve been giving a lot of thought about what word I want to focus on for the year 2011.   I have a few ideas but so far haven't made a definitive decision. They are

#1 - HOPE
  • Hope that joy will return. (Hopefully sooner than later.)
  • Hope to find my faith again.
  • Hope I can feel alive down deep inside my core again.
  • Believe that everything will work out.
  • Believe that there really is a Divine plan.
  • Believe that I'm good enough.
  • Believe God and Jesus Christ.
  • Believe that I can heal again, spiritually.
  • Believe there is more to life than what I can see in the here and now.
  • Believe that I can find that which I have lost. 
  • Believe I really will be better because of this.
  • Remember the testimony I thought I had.
  • Remember my blessings.
  • Remember to lighten up.
  • Remember to say "I love you" frequently to all.
Now that I've written it out I think I'm leaning more towards Believe as my One Word for 2011. 

If you were to pick a word for yourselves this year what would it be?


  1. Funny that you should blog about this. You often blog about things that are floating around in my head, undefined. And then you kind of solidify them for me! Thanks!

    This morning I had just decided to focus on "Faith" for the next year. To Study it, Ponder it, and Exercise it.

  2. You and I both lived the word "change" this year. I think that "hope" will be the defining theme of 2011. God has shown me that no matter what comes against me, there is also love in the world. I hope to continue to find my way back to myself. I hope that the new year will bring joy and happiness. I hope the same for my boys. I hope that Mom's cancer won't recur and that Janet's back surgery was indeed successful. I hope that the plans I have made will come to fruition. Mostly, I hope. And wait to see.

    I am sending my love and many hugs. This blog has indeed been a big step for you, but I think it has been a good one, and I hope you will stay with it. I look forward to reading. Happy New Year, God bless you, and kitty vibes.

  3. Believe is a good word. Hope is another. I hope you will remember to believe. I will remember the good things that have come my way, I hope you do too. Remember who you are. Remember I will always love YOU!