Sunday, December 12, 2010

Project 365 - Week 48

This week ended our week of fantasy and brought us back to reality very quickly.

12/5/10 Sunday:  We enjoyed our last breakfast on board ship this morning and everyone dispersed to their individual realms of reality and homes.  Our first enjoyable bit of reality is that it's now the Christmas season and winter.  You kind of forget that while at sea.  We came home to see the lights on the house and tree, and the start of Christmas decorations going up around the house.  The Kidlets started it while we were away.

12/6/10 Monday:  Came home from work to find ants thinking they could seek refuge in my orchid.  I guess their community is still soaked from downpour of rain we had last night.

12/7/10 Tuesday:  I'm guessing while we were away we had some perfect weather conditions to create the Autumn colors to appear in a vivid display of color.  We missed Summer but it looks like Autumn is here and turning to Winter.

12/8/10 Wednesday:  We had a quiet celebration for My Mann's birthday.   So quiet I didn't even take pictures of it.

12/9/10 Thursday:  My Sweet Pea's creative juices were on a roll tonight.  She made me these cute bracelets.  So fun to see the sparkles from the crystals. 

12/10/10 Friday: Last year at this time of year I found that, inadvertently, a co-worker had selected these two color files for two consecutive Learning Periods that fall at this time of year.  I've looked forward to this time of year because it is now when the combination of red and green files appear in my file drawers for Learning Period 3 & 4 attendance logs.  It's looking a lot like Christmas everywhere.

12/11/10 Saturday:  Walked out to the garage today and found the boys working and talking about guy stuff (cars, repairs, blah, blah, blah.) I love seeing them together no matter what their talking about.

Hope you've had a good week, my friends.  

Ciao y baci mis amicos,

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  1. The last breakfast picture is good. Next time we need to check mouth positions and not just if eyes are open. I look like I am about to puke! Ha! Ha!