Thursday, December 30, 2010

Winter Garden

While My Mum has been visiting we took this opportunity to go to Descanso Gardens.  We both love gardens.  For our tour of the gardens we had our own special "tour guide", my aunt, who lives next to the gardens.  So going there was a real treat.
I was her flower girl when she was married.  She and my uncle are celebrating their 50th next month.
 I've never been to these gardens before and at first it wasn't what I expected since it was so void of flowers.

But then I began to notice and appreciate the beauty of a winter garden.  
With the foliage no longer obscuring the structure of the plant you could see the the beauty of the skeletal frame. My aunt tells me that this flowering crab-apple is beautiful in the Spring.

Now, I'd like to go back to see each season.

(Remember to capture yourself in your photos.)


  1. What a beautiful place. My folks are in Nor Cal and they go there - my mom can't wait to take me and the kids on our next visit.

  2. Thanks for the winter garden pics - I am inspired to do something next summer that I can enjoy now.