Sunday, January 9, 2011

2011 Project 365 - Week 1

We have concluded our first week of Two Thousand - Eleven.

And it has been good.

(If you want to skip down to my Simple Things picture, the thing that made me smile this week you can scroll down to Tuesday's picture.)

I learned yesterday that I was the lucky benefactor of Stacy Julian's wrong order for Project Life.  She didn't want the Turquoise one so she is gifting it on the me!  How exciting is that? Yeah , huh, I am SO excited!!!!

But I still feel the urge to post my 365 pics as I did last year so I. will more than likely do both.  It will be fun having the hard copy of it as well as getting it captured on the blog.

So, here we go.  The first week and on to the first day.

1/1/11 Saturday: After all the hustle and bustle of the holidays this day turned out pretty calm.  I had mentioned to the family a few days earlier, "Wouldn't it be nice to try out our new Belgian Waffle Maker (my old one of 20 years sparked and fried itself, poor thing) for New Year's day brunch?"  I slept in and as I was putting on my make-up My Sweet Pea comes into the bathroom and states, "I'm leaving the boys to work things out."

That will have to be another story.

But, later, after things were worked out and eaten, the family was lounging, doing various non productive things for relaxation and I went into the kitchen.  I started putsing around and cleaning up and putting things away.  I found it to be oddly refreshing, relaxing, calming, and fitting to my Taurus personality.  Not the bullheaded part of my personality, but the home body part.  Anyway, I felt so complete as I was filling the dishwasher, catching the smell of pancake syrup and it was heaven.

1/2/11 Sunday:  We are having some pretty cold to freezing temperatures.  The Boys have gone to the effort of wrapping the citrus trees in blankets for the night.  For me I spent most of the day cozy to be by the fireplace as that was the only place I could stay warm enough.

1/3/11 Monday:  Another freezing evening.  This time I had Zeba and an electric blanket wrapped around my legs for warmth.

1/4/11 Tuesday:  This is kind of an odd picture to take for 365 but there is story.  It's just me and My Boy visiting in over the kitchen counter.  He was telling me about something, which for the life of me I now can't remember, but it was some sort of conundrum  he was having.  For me the way out of this conundrum was very clear because I've been there.  So I told him what to do.  He lights up with a "By, Jove, why didn't I think of that" look.  I then said, "I've been around the block a few times."

Right after that he spots a jar of peanuts, with a little bit left at the bottom swimming in all the peanut salt powder, left over from the holidays, which he decides to finish off.  As he picks up the jar he wishes that "there was some way to easily fish the peanuts out of the powder."

I just so happen to have an answer for that conundrum as well.  To which I answer, "Get a trainer and pour the contents into it.  Then you can sift the powder out and be left with just the peanuts. "  Tah-dah.  It worked like a charm.  Again, My Boy looks at me with wonder and awe.

That's pretty hard to accomplish when your children are older.

I got to reemphasize once again that "I've been around the block a few times."

1/5/11 Wednesday: Went to Costco With My Boy home so much lately, he is drinking us out of milk.  He has a thing for chocolate milk.  The chocolate syrup kind of looks pretty sitting at the bottom of the glass before mixing.

1/6/11 Thursday: I happen be on the other side of the building in a co-workers office and looked out the window.  The clouds looked so unusual.  I thought they were amazing.  Anyone know what kind of clouds those are?  They reminded me of foam from bubbles growing except they were broiling down instead of rising up.  Just fascinating.

1/7/11 Friday: One of my camellia trees is getting ready to bloom.  The buds are all swollen ready to burst.

1/8/111 Saturday: In a conscience effort to capture life I decided to capture our refrigerator.  I don't know about your refrigerator but our seems to be a bulletin board where things get posted and then stay there for centuries.  Except for the big yearly calendar.

We do manage to rip off each month and then change it out when there is a new year. 

But everything else?  I mean look at that No Whining paper on the left that is partially covered by other stuff.  That has been on there for about a half century and now things are encroaching and maybe in the next five years it may be totally covered. 

The caution Faith in Progress sign has been there for, easily, a century.  A left over from when I taught early morning scripture study classes to the youth in our church.  That I guess is an OK thing to leave up as a reminder for all who see it (I don't. It's an old fixture we just look over now.)

We have engagement pictures of several special friends on the refrigerator and they now have three children now!  I mean really!

We have a problem with sentimentality.  We can't bear to throw some of this stuff out.  It has been there so long that we really don't even see it so what would the big deal be if we threw it out?????   

Well,  I hope your have had a good week and the New Year as been good to you so far. Remember to click on Project Life link below to see what others are up to or The Simple Things link to see others who are sharing what made them smile during the week.

Ciao y baci mis amicos,


  1. I love your many of the blogs I follow have perfect homes, perfect decor and don't look lived in. I believe the fridge is the center of most families and yours is such a good example of one! Love it!

  2. I would miss the engagement pics, cause every now and then it reminds me to look them up and see how they are doing. Without the constant reminder, I might forget about them.

    Sweet Pea

  3. Your refrigerator certainly says - a busy family lives here.

  4. love your photos! :) thanks for sharing!