Monday, January 17, 2011

Catch Me If You Can

While visiting my sister symmetry we did some scrapbooking and learning about design in the process.  Several years ago we had signed up for a class from Big Picture Classes called Design Your Life taught by Cathy Zielsky.

As usual life happened and the class was pushed for a better time.  That better time didn't seem to ever happen.  Taking matters into our own hands we decided to do something about it while we were together.

Lesson 1 has been about symmetry.  We had a couple assignments for that class that we managed to accomplish.  This is the first of the two.

With making this page I also felt like I was finally able to get a story down about this relationship My Sweet Pea and My Mann have.

The journaling reads:  Happy Times, Fun Moments - You could be sitting just minding your own business when all of a sudden My Mann takes off after Kylie, chasing her in circles downstairs.  I never really know what starts these things.  My guess is that My Sweet Pea has teased her father and he is playing into her game.  My Boy and I stop whatever we happen to be doing to watch the shenanigans.  It just cracks us up watching them as they are running around laughing hysterically.  Due to the openness of the downstairs and the many ways you can enter and exit the rooms they will occasionally stop to catch their breath and get their bearings of where each other are.  It all usually ends with them in a heap or hugging.  I love seeing them whenever they carry on this way.

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