Monday, January 10, 2011

Christmas All Year

My Mann brought it to my attention that every year we leave something out from the Christmas decorations. 

I don't think it really is every year.  But I will admit that it has been every year for the past at least five years. 

The reason he had said that was because I had just announced, "Look what I found!"

I found a lone snowflake (one of the new decorations the kidlets got and put this year) that had fallen and separated from the others when it came time to collect them a put them away.

While this decoration doesn't scream Christmas like some of our other strays.

A small snow globe

A whole nativity (how we missed that sitting by the kitchen window is beyond me.  It was almost time for
Christmas again when there was a little accident and the staff of one of the shepherds broke.

A small wooden Father Christmas  to name a few.

It is reassuring in a odd sort of way. 

Some things never change. We will always have foibles and we can laugh at them.

We have something to look forward to: getting that particular forgotten decoration back in the attic where it year.

Remembrances of a time with family, friends, and lots of food.

How about you?  Have you unknowingly left a Christmas decoration out when everything else was put away?  What did you do? Leave it out or put it away?

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  1. Oh, yes - one of our Wise Men figures spent the whole of 2009 sitting on our mantelpiece till he was able to rejoin the Nativity set...

    We have a big cross made of a bundle of twigs on display in our dining room. This year I added a crown of gold tinsel. It feels so right to have it there that I deliberately left it when we packed away. As yet, we haven't found any unintentional omissions!