Monday, January 24, 2011

The Getty

I have fallen in love with the Getty Villa.  While I do like the Getty Museum in Los Angeles the surroundings, architecture, and statues at the villa have stole my heart. 

Truth be told it reminds me of my time in the Mediterranean.  I love that area of the world. 

After spending the day at the Getty I have finally done something with a few of the pictures I took that day. 

This page is also an effort to practice asymmetry from a past Design Your Life class which, by the way, is now offered as a self-paced class.  I love the results of this layout.  It has that collage feel while having a clean, uncluttered look at the same time.  The asymmetry comes into play with the margin on the far left of the left page being greater than the margin on the far right of the right hand page.

Having pictures cross the gutter is not a new thing for me as I'm not afraid to cut my pictures to get them to work on two page spreads or two-up albums. To do that on this spread gave me no worries. 

Do you have a place you love because it reminds you of another time or place?

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  1. Yes. Mom's back yard. The beach. And Route 3 between Chester and Waterloo. :)