Sunday, January 2, 2011

Project 365 - Week 52

The last week of year 2010.  You know what that means?  Good-bye 2010!  Hello 2011!

I Believe that 2011 will be better.  I Believe that things will be brighter.  I Believe I've made it this far in one piece albeit tattered, worn, used and misused, but still in one piece.

Now for the last of Project 365/2010.

12/26/10 Sunday: The day after Christmas.  It rained last night.  What a view to look out the window and see.  It felt like a fairytale and a spooky story at the same time.  I chose to think of it more as a fairytale with the beautiful rays of the sun shining through the fog.

12/27/10 Monday: Went to Descanso Gardens with my mum and aunt.  What a beautiful place and a lovely time visiting with my aunt.

12/28/10 Tuesday: I took My Mum to meet her sister and brother-in-law for lunch and a nice long visit.  My Mum and her sister are like me and my sister.  We just can't get enough time to be with each other
12/29/10 Wednesday: There were light showers today.  While My Mann and I were out we were treated with this beautiful.
12/30/10 Thursday: When My Mum came I mentioned that there was a place for fish and chips on the wharf.  She'd been looking forward to this day for a few days, now.  Get a load of those onion rings, would you?  They come in a stack on a spiked thingy. 

12/31/10 Friday: The last day of the year. Some things never Change.  For that I am grateful.  We are still a family that loves each other, that loves to goof off, and that have made through some hard times. 

I can't believe it.  I have completed Project 365 for Year 2010.  I think I only missed taking a picture a few times.  This project has given me a huge sense of accomplishment.  It has given me something that I could still do when things have been so dag-gum difficult. 

I want to thank you for allowing me to share my Project 365 and thoughts with you this year.  I feel that being able to blog has allowed me the necessary avenue I have needed to keep on walking when it would have been so much easier to quit

I've never been so glad to see a year end.  I am excited about a new year beginning, new hopes, and a new Project 365.  

I hope you all had a great week and looking forward to a blessed New Year.
Ciao y baci mis amicos,

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  1. a good end to a long year!! But what will 2011 bring??