Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Rest of the Story

I had hinted in my Project 365 post that on New Year's day there was an incident in the kitchen.

You may remember that I had asked about Belgian waffles for brunch and how My Sweet Pea hightailed it out of the kitchen to leave the boys to "clean up their mess."

I learned that the three of them started making the waffle batter. My Boy said to double it so it was agreed. One measured out the dry ingredients, one took care of the wet ingredients, and My Boy measured out the oils,

only he quadrupled it from looking at the wrong measurements

AND proceeded to pour it in with the dry and wet ingredients, thinking while pouring, this seems like a lot more than usual.

I guess that’s when My Sweet Pea came upstairs to tell me there were too many cooks in the kitchen and that she was letting the boys to take care of it.

I thought it best to dilly dally for a bit more in the safety of my bathroom before going downstairs to the kitchen.

When I finally did come down I found these two who had dumped and started the waffle batter over, now just about ready to mix and pour into the new Belgian waffle iron.

The end results were different from the previous iron we had (these waffles seemed to be more airy), but they were still delicious and well worth the wait.


  1. Hey there! You commented on my Project Life photo about gas prices.

    We pay about $3.11 per gallon, the picture was of 21.35 gallons not the price per gallon.

    Ours is a bit cheaper than yours, yikes! But it's still crazy! Have a super great week.

  2. lol! I'm glad you got your delicious brunch in the end :-)